Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Mini Me

This is our picture of the day from yesterday--it was such a good day. It was stormy and cold enough to wear pants and a light jacket. We had a good morning. Evan gave Kyle his breakfast before he left for school, so when I was ready to eat my breakfast later Kyle wanted to join me.

Every day when he eats in his high chair, I sit and read while I eat at the table. Today he wanted more cereal like me, so he has his little bowl and when he saw my book, he said, "book," and got one of his own. Then he climb up across from me and read it to himself while I read mine. It was such a cute little gesture that he wanted to be just like me.

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The Almond Project said...

Is that the Daniel Siva Book I see? So cute that he wants to be just like you. He is learning good habits, reading is fun!