Thursday, April 30, 2009

Recent Photos

On one of the first really nice days of spring, we took a picnic to Temple Square and walked around after. These are some of the pictures we took. I really wish that Kyle hadn't spit up his carrots from that day during the picnic, then the pictures might be better :) What can you do?

A friend of ours was so good to us and took some family shots in Sugarhouse Park a month or so ago. If you can believe it, it snowed just a few hours later.

This was our Manti temple trip.

Kyle has been learning how to throw. However, we still don't have the release down, so it ends up hitting him in the head quite often....

He's also been scootching backwards when on his tummy. This is the first position...

Then his final position after pushing with his arms.

We were playing with bubbles on our patio...

I just like how big his head looks from this angle.

This was Easter morning. Kyle's outfit came mostly from Nana for Easter. I'm in love with argyle and sweater vests. Too bad Evan didn't wear his argyle sweater vest.

Check out how the socks have matching argyle. Gotta love it.

So I guess that is the month of April for our family in pictures. I take so many and then only a few end up here, but at least you can see how big Kyle is getting and all the new things he is learning.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Feeding Time

Kyle has finally started to play with his food. Before this, he wouldn't even touch the puffs on his tray. When I would hold one, he would open his mouth and lunge for it. So him playing with them is a big deal. I love how he sucks his thumb and they are stuck on the inside of his hand.

Monday, April 13, 2009

New Faces

Kyle has entered that stage where it is impossible to eat unless he is also eating. During dinner the other night, this is the sad, lonesome face that looked at us from the floor and begged, "Please, sir, I want some more." Let me reassure all of you, he gets plenty to eat. Kyle easily eats 8 oz of fruit in the morning, 8 oz of vegetables in the afternoon, and a cup of rice cereal at night. Not counting the 40 oz of milk he gets throughout the day. He is a hungry little one, yet, he still is not on the charts.

I love to eat ice. Kyle will sometimes eat it with me. Although he makes a face like I am torturing him--he always wants more. However, I found that he really likes to play with the trays.

Baby Date

Kyle has had many meeting with other children; however, up until this point they were usually about a year older than him. Last week, or maybe it was the week before, it has started to get away from me, Kyle got to have a baby date with another youngster his own age. Joelle gladly brought the gorgeous and curious little Natalie over to meet Kyle.

He really wasn't very interested. However, Natalie was very aggressive. Mostly, I think that Natalie was more interested in eating Kyle's clothing than anything else. I'd like to mention that they are almost two months apart, but Natalie clearly could take him size wise. Maybe even cuteness, especially with that hair.

Frances also posted her pictures of the event. There is one that looks like an engagement picture and you have to see it. With Frances leaving, will we ever know the possibilities that could have been? I'd also like to rebut from Frances' post that Kyle only cried when she tried to hold him--he is not afraid of the other sex like she tried to insinuate. He is afraid of everyone who is not me (and sometimes Evan).

Monday, April 6, 2009

Evan in the Kitchen

I love Evan, but not for his culinary expertise. He makes amazing egg sandwiches, grilled cheese sandwiches, toast, and mac and cheese. He can do all the prep work that I ask of him, but he is just not a chef. Although he is very good at adding ranch, cheese sauce, and Kraft singles to anything that I make for him.

He made us milk shakes one night after he got home from closing at the Juice. I went to take my glass back later and this is what I found in the kitchen. You can always tell when Evan has been in the kitchen because the cupboard doors are open from every cupboard that he touched.

This was in my pantry....

His explanation was that if he blended in the pantry it wouldn't be too loud for our neighbors. Well, it didn't occur to him that our pantry was still sharing a wall with our neighbors, but bless him for being thoughtful.

A few days later, he decided to make himself a tuna fish sandwich. Did you know that tuna fish cans are the same size as the drain in our sink. I was a little worried, but Evan was quick to mention he could get it out with my pliers.

If you ever need to know pliers do remove a tuna fish can from the drain just fine.

Music Table 6-18 months

For Christmas, Mammy and Grandfather gave Kyle a leap frog music table. We took it out of the box and played with it with him, he cried in fear. He was also three months younger than the recommended age. It has sat in his room for months now. All the bigger kids that come to play love it, but still it has been beyond Kyle.

In the last few weeks, Kyle has gotten better and better at sitting independently and he can do it for up to a half an hour at a time, at which point he just gets really tired of it. For the first time last week, when I went to visit neighbors I did not have to hold him the whole time and I could put him down to eat lunch. It's been the best new development yet.

The music table was still to big for him because when he would sit under it, it would be about the level of his head. I would hold him to stand up to it, but then I have to be there the whole time. On Thursday, I had a brilliant idea....

That's right, I took two legs off so it would make an "A" and he could sit under it and play. Periodically we rotate sides. I'm in heaven.....

This is the video I got of him playing with it that Thursday morning.

Thanks Mammy and Grandfather.

Joy, Unadulterated Joy!

Evan's Mac laptop was knocked off our coffee table several months ago, it is in pretty bad shape because of that. The screen is jacked off it's hinges and won't stay upright, the computer is very slow and yesterday it quit recognizing the wireless card. My Dell laptop I've had for eight years. It still runs and works, but it is very bulky, has a lot of viruses, and doesn't do wireless internet. There are some other small annoyances like it doesn't hold a charge on the battery so it has to be plugged in all the time. We've known it was time for a new computer for a while and we've been saving for it.

Friday night we bought this....and Evan is totally expressing his excitement over our purchase.

This is the caress of pure love he feels for his new joy.....

This is now the way the computer desk looks although once we've transferred the hard drive on the mac laptop, it will be going away. Evan hasn't decided what he wants to do with it yet.

I have to admit it is pretty. We can now watch movies again and just having something that is faster and has the big screen is so nice. However, all the pictures from the trip are on my old laptop and Evan hasn't transferred them over yet, so the posts might be delayed for another long while. Sorry folks.