Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Borrowed Camera

My mom came for a long weekend when Aiden was a week old. My camera just isn't fast enough and seems to be making all of my pictures blurry. So my sister was kind enough to lend us her really super fast awesome camera that takes like 12 pictures a second or something like that. It is way cool and I would love to have one someday when it is more in my price range. So pictures from that weekend are really all that I have. None of this is in chronological order either. But here are some of my favorites.

Evan sleeping with Aiden.

Kyle contemplating--he looks really tired because he has been. Not sleeping well and not sleeping long enough.

My mom with Aiden.

My mom with Kyle. I think this is the only time that he cuddled with her.

This is one of Kyle's favorite things to do. He climbs on the table and then in the bouncy. If Aiden is in it, he'll lay on Aiden. I wish that whomever it was had never put him in it and shown him how to turn on the vibration. (I really can't remember who it was either).

My mom and Aiden.

My sister with Aiden. She was about three weeks from her own delivery of her first baby at this point. So Aiden will have a very close girl cousin.

Kyle helps me buckle Aiden in to his car seat. He also does it on his own. But he'll do it on the baby car seat whenever we put it down. For some reason, we have a hard time remembering that he does that when we can't seem to get the arm strap out from behind Aiden's back when Evan and I put him in there. You'd think we would have caught on by now--but no :)

Kyle holding Aiden. No one can touch him when Kyle holds Aiden--and he doesn't cuddle him. Aiden just lays there. Now we use the boppy so that Aiden isn't so uncomfortable.

Kyle demonstrating good baby care with his baby and the boppy. If I had taken this picture a second later, the baby would have been covered--even over his head with the blanket. Kyle has done that to Aiden as well. Good thing I caught him.

Aiden had another baby checkup with our midwife yesterday. I am pleased to announce that he is 9lbs 10oz. He's growing, and he still pretty much looks like he did the day he was born. We had newborn photos taken at 2 weeks, so we'll post those as soon as we have them.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

July 9, 2010 12:12pm

On Wednesday, we had our last midwife appointment. Kyle usually has his belly measured too and we usually listen to his heartbeat. Most of the time after I get off the couch, he gets on to have it done to him. He climbs right up, lays down and pulls up his shirt. This time he did it with me. I also have a video of him helping Bri find the position of the baby to listen to the heartbeat, but it won't upload to Blogger right now. It's pretty funny how used to all of this he got.

This is Evan about two years ago with Kyle. Kyle was a week old--sorry this is a cell phone picture.

And this is Evan yesterday with our new addition--Aiden Dillon Young. He was born at 12:12 pm.

We had a home birth. I went into early labor about 2:30 am on Friday morning. Kyle woke up at 3 am vomiting and having diarrhea again. So I scrubbed poop out of the carpet and held him through contraction as he vomited in my lap until his grandmother came to get him. We are so lucky that Evan's parents are so close--if only we knew why Kyle has been sick for three weeks.

This was the amazing pool. I got in, but the contractions slowed so Bri said I couldn't get back in until 6 cm dilated. I so wanted to be in that pool though.

I went into really active labor about 6 o'clock in the morning. Just like Kyle my contractions were again in my hips and I have to admit that nothing we tried really did anything to help ease them. I have a feeling that it is just the way that my nerves are placed and I have this to look forward to at every labor. At 10:30 I was able to get in to the pool, Bri took her sister home. They had both been at another birth all night. The second that Bri left, I was in transition. Luckily, Cathy agreed to come over (another midwife that Bri partners with). She got a little lost on the way to our house and as she arrived at 11:45, my water broke and I was pushing. I told Cathy that I couldn't push for two hours (the average length of time for pushing) and she reassured me that it would only be two more minutes. After three pushes and a little maneuvering of his shoulders he was born. I was only about 8 cm dilated when he was born and I did not require any stitches.

This is Bri weighing Aiden. 9lbs 0oz. That is almost three whole pounds bigger than Kyle and a little less than half of what Kyle currently weighs :)

These are the wonderful ladies of our birth. Candice is holding Aiden, she is Bri's sister and helped with schlepping stuff and clean up. Bri was our midwife and Cathy is the one who taught our birth class and delivered Aiden. We can't express how much we love them, how awesome they are or how much we loved birthing with them.

This is three hours old. Look at those cheeks. He is such a squishy baby. He looks just like Kyle did although slightly darker (a little Asiany in my opinion) and chunkier. But he looks EXACTLY like Evan did as a newborn. Evan was dark and chunky. They have the Dillon nose, bum, toes, lips and all that. When will I ever have a baby that looks like me??? I'm so outnumbered.

He had to have his nails clipped yesterday because they were so long already at birth. The only thing that Aiden takes after me in (and Kyle for that matter) is long fingers. I have to say that I did a terrible job trimming his fingernails because they had partially grown with the skin. But at least he can't cut himself now :) P.S. I hate cutting fingernails--babies or toddlers.

Kyle came over and met him for about 15 minutes. Aiden cried and Kyle seemed really unsure. Unfortunately, my camera has been really really really blurry the last few days. Kyle and Aiden both move too which makes it worse. But the look Kyle is giving his grandma is priceless.

Kyle did want to hold him and kiss him, and we'll have to learn gentleness. But Kyle was really
cranky from missing a nap and being ill, so he mostly just wanted to sit on my lap. :)

I was showered and the whole house was cleaned up like nothing had ever happened about two and a half hours after the birth. It was so wonderful. We've just been at home and chillin'. I will definitely be having all my babies this way from now on.

Sunday, July 4, 2010


Kyle was sick for a week so we went to the doctor. He said to keep him on a simple diet longer as intestines need about 3 days to heal, even when we feel better. After 11 days of sickness, we went back to the doctor. He had not had a wet diaper in 36 hours and had no interest in food or drink. To mine and Evan's surprise, we were admitted that afternoon to Primary's Children Hospital up by the University of Utah.

Although it looks like his arm is broken--it isn't. That is just the coban they put around his IV so he wouldn't try to pull it out, although he did try at times to chew on the line and to chew on the port. The first 24 hours were very pitiful and Kyle didn't really get out of bed, highly different from when he is usually bouncing off the walls sick in the past. This sickness was the first time that I had seen him writhing in pain and waking up screaming because of it. He wouldn't even let us touch him it was so bad at times.

We just got home this morning after spending 3 nights up there. It's funny because I feel so dirty after leaving the hospital, any hospital. It seems so germy, which is not something I usually care about. I want to wash everything.

They still don't know what was wrong and we may never know. But we got him hydrated and made sure that he could keep himself that way without an IV every night. He was definitely feeling better by the time we left and was so bored and irritated with his room. So were Evan and I. Because it is possible he has a highly contagious bacteria living in his intestines (c-diff), we were not allowed to leave his room. So we saw no fireworks (although Evan and I viewed fireworks from up there two years ago when I was pregnant with Kyle) and were not allowed to take walks or do anything outside of the room. So we were very bored and frustrated yesterday afternoon and this morning.

None of us slept very well either. One of us would sleep with Kyle and the other would sleep on the pull out chair/cot. Seeing that I am 39 weeks pregnant, I was just never comfortable. The first few nights every few hours I made Evan change sleeping places with me. Needless to say, we are glad to be home. Even though we got home at 10 this morning, we are now all taking a nap.

Happy Fourth of July, everyone!