Tuesday, July 17, 2012

1 Month

One month ago: June 17th, 2012. Father's Day.

My father died. My dad. I haven't mentioned it because there is so much to say and at the same time nothing at all. I am not devastated because I was not close to him. I hadn't talked to him in about 18 months. I sent Christmas cards, which apparently he had never opened. Nine years ago, he had a heart attack that landed him in a coma. Heidi and therefore, I, found out after the fact. At that time, he was given 3 years to live. He made it six more. However, since last fall, he was very sick in and out of the hospital. When I heard, I called him. I left a message because he didn't answer. He never called back and I had planned on calling him the day he died.

When he died, I had no part to play. Heidi is the executor, the power of attorney, and the emergency contact. I feel like that makes it kind of hard to work through feelings when you have nowhere to put your energies. It makes you feel helpless. 

What upsets me the most is that in this situation, the Gospel of Jesus Christ has not brought any comfort. I know that he is in spirit prison. I know that he has been brought to a full knowledge of his sins. I also know that for the next year, at least, he will not be able to enjoy any blessings of being a baptized member of the Church. I know that we cannot know the mind of God or his judgements, but let us be clear that God has also stated he will not suffer any unclean thing---and regardless of the mitigating circumstances, (I know God will judge us in the best of circumstances and our best of intentions) my father has made grave mistakes in his life.

But I would like to say that the best sides of my father and Evan do resemble each other in some areas of their lives. I know the he does not like this comparison, and it took him until he saw these pictures of my father, that I hadn't even seen before now, to admit they do share some similarities in appearance. Evan is brilliant as was my father. Evan is obsessed with computers and gadgets, so was my dad. Neither Evan nor my dad are great cooks or good at house keeping. They are both social creatures, who charm. Both Evan and my father are music snobs and knowledgeable in their area of musical interest. My dad however, was much more athletic and loved the outdoors.

I might have more to say at 2 months or later. But I don't have it in me tonight. I hope that as I work through all those feelings---and the feelings from my childhood that have been unearthed---the words will come easier, the thoughts will flow seamlessly, and I can write better than tonight. I hope it will buoy up my posterity and teach them something in the future to see my inner therapy at work.

On a happier, nicer note: We have been having the summer of our lives. Like the perfect summer. The summer against which all other summers will be compared. The summer where I finally haven't just had a baby and all the kids can walk. The summer of pure joy of finally being able to enjoy free things around the city because I have a car...every day! I know, it is glorious. However, I am having problem formatting my pictures in the new blogger template. But do not fear, my dear faithful (6 readers---I've been looking at my traffic feed) my friend Kirsten is going to post a tutorial to help a home girl out----literally home girls from Portland :)

P.S. Compare how Evan look here with Kyle and my father with Cory in the top picture :P

Monday, July 9, 2012


Today is Aiden's second birthday and I have decided to be on top of it this time :) Wait, you don't remember his first birthday, maybe that is because I never posted about it. Maybe?

We only do big parties every other year. This year, an off year. So we had a low key day. We had presents before breakfast....Aiden choose to have Chex cereal for breakfast.

 Kyle did help at some points but Aiden did need it.....

 Showing off badly needed new sandals with dinosaurs.

Both of the boys received portable DVD players, which Evan earned for free from work. We had to test them out immediately :) and they were a hit.

Our first stop this morning was a long tedious visit to Home Depot to get things for a table refurbish. Aiden was interested in giving hugs and kisses while we waited.

We did have a short productive visit with the pediatrican for a 2 year old check up. He is 50% for weight and 30% for height. You know, we are both short too. But besides the massive amount of bug bites on his head from our camping trip this weekend---he is perfect :)

 After the doctor's we went to McDonald's to play on the play equipment and eat french fries---a favorite of Aiden's. 

 We had a good three hour nap this afternoon, then headed to have a quick visit at the zoo.

 After the zoo, for some reason I didn't take any pictures of us enjoying ice cream for dinner at a nitrogen ice cream place with Mammi, Papa, and Zoie. It was fun and I love the idea of having ice cream for dinner once during the summer. I also feel since it was a special day, we should live it up as low key as we were going to be. We didn't even sing to Aiden, but on Sunday at Sunday dinner with family, I am sure we will with his little cake.

2 weeks
8 months
Basically 18 months
2 days shy of 2
He is such a character, so strong willed, and independent. He loves to make faces and pull funny stances. He is very interested in showing you everything---"LOOK!" followed by a manhandle of your face in the desired direction. He repeats his scripture verses during family scripture study each night. He thoroughly enjoyed the fireworks this year after the first test firework took him by surprise. And he calls his blankie love, his monkey, just like Kyle calls his monkey love his monkey :) He loves to be social and he is just very relaxed most of the time. I can't believe he is 2, and yet, I can believe it entirely because of how he is growing and developing.