Friday, September 2, 2011

Surgery Day

04: 33 am: get up, showered and dressed, make sure everything is ready for Evan for the day
05: 14 am: Kyle wakes up and watches tv and begs for food.
05: 38 am: wake up Aiden, change diapers, give blessings, get in the car.
05:56 am: pick up Mammi.

06: 22 am: walk into hospital. Wait to register.
06: 43 am: go upstairs to surgical floor.
06: 55 am: change into hospital garb, meet several nurses, do physical exam, give Aiden medicine, sign my life away while Kyle watches Yo Gabba Gabba on Mammi's iPhone.

07:34 am: walk with anesthesiologist to the red line in the floor, hand over Aiden to go back to surgery.
07: 41 am: say hi to Dr. Mizell and let him know that the one day I couldn't get the kids to poop, was the previous day Clean Out Day even with miralax. Told him we did an enema on Kyle (during which Kyle was laughing) and a glycerin suppository on Aiden the night before. Kyle plays in a coupe car--such cool toys in the waiting room.

07: 45 am: child life came out and brought Kyle a doll to use some medical supplies on.
07:55 am: Kyle was given a drug to make him a little loopy and hopefully sleepy so he wouldn't be so upset at the seperation.
08:10 am: Kyle got silly and was just laughing for no reason, then he began to shove me and laugh for no reason. It was hysterical.
08: 22 am: doctor came and talked to me about Aiden. There was irritation every where he looked. The pictures look bad. We will need to wait for patho to get back to us with the results of the samples. He also found a foreign object that looks like a bead??? What the heck???
08:25 am: Kyle was taken back while I was talking to the doctor. Then Mammi headed over to recovery to be with Aiden.
08: 35 am: went to be with Aiden in post op. Realized my old visiting teachee is our nurse. He almost ripped the slushie out of my hands trying desperately to put his whole mouth in the cup.
09: 04 am: Aiden is discharged and we wait for Kyle. Aiden is super sleepy.

09:18 am: Kyle came out of the OR into recovery. He threw up, stirred, was moved to post op
09:33 am: I spoke with the doctor. All of Kyle looks pretty normal. The stomach sphincter lacks muscle tone just like Aiden's. We'll need to wait for the biopsies to see if any of his eosinophil levels have changed (the whole reason to do it) or his marsh rating (relates to celiac disease). But we have no other procedures we can do for him so from now on it will be controlling pain, appetite and bloating with medication.
10:12 am: Kyle woke up, and so did Aiden from his nap on Mammi. We had 1 1/2 purple slushies and some graham crackers. Aiden played in Kyle's crib.

10:45 am: loaded kids in the car and left the hospital
11:23 am: walked into our house and ate lunch
11:47 am: went out to the swings to swing and crawl around
12:10 pm: Aiden laid down for a nap and Kyle watched a movie

Since then, we've just been laying low. Both have had several bloody diapers (totally normal--he took LOTS of tissue samples). We've eaten a lot and as of right now, Aiden has been sleeping for 3 1/2 hours and Kyle has slept none. But they are still in their pajamas :)


Merry said...

Oh, poor boys. I hope that you're able to find out what's up.

Jenny Livingston said...

I couldn't read this until just now - the internet in most of Sanpete county was out all day yesterday and (at my house, anyway) part of last night.

The pictures are SUPER cute! They don't seem to convey the level of stress I'm sure you guys were feeling. Or maybe you're just better at handling things like this and you weren't all that stressed. (Who am I kidding, WE KNOW you handle this type of thing better than I do.)

Sending lots of love to you guys!