Wednesday, February 29, 2012

One Year Anniversary

Today is Evan's and my first anniversary. That is right, we've never been able to celebrate our anniversary on the actual day because this is the first time it has come around again.
We have a Leap Day Marriage!! Not quite as bad as a Leap Day Birthday, but it still makes it fun and interesting. This year we were even more blessed because Wednesday Evan doesn't have to work---so he skipped school (don't tell).

We went out to breakfast this morning----

Yes, you saw that right! We went to the cafe at the prison. Neither of us have seen more razor wire in all our lives. Apparently, it is a life-long dream of Evan's to eat there although he has only known about it for a year. We couldn't find any information on the internet, but we tried and luckily it was open. Only M-F 8am-2pm. It was the women's inmates day to work the cafe. They were so sweet and adored the boys. The food was good, but pretty basic. We had some egg muffins, scrambled eggs, and hash browns.

The backup plan in case we couldn't find it was Kneaders. My favorite. Who doesn't love the all you can eat strawberry French toast? Amazing, better than I remember since it's been years since I've been there. So because it was our anniversary--we then went and ate there. Yes, two breakfasts and since we fed the boys before we left they had three breakfasts. We all think breakfast is the best meal every invented, it was an awesome three hours!

After a quick trip to the aquarium and a run to Target to look at toys after quiet time, it was a perfect day. Aiden even took a 3 hour and 45 minute nap. Unfortunately that aspect was due to the fact that everyone has been sick around here. 102.7 degree fevers, throwing up, coughing, runny noses and atrocious whinny behavior (Kyle's--not mine or Evan's). It has meant long naps and early (5:30) bedtimes though. So it isn't all bad :) But if I have to change sheets on Kyle's bed one more time (3 times in an hour yesterday), I might go crazy.

Things have not always been easy in our marriage. Which is the product of two outspoken, opinionated people---what can I say, you all know it is true! But I have to admit, I think that after a year :) we are in a great place. I am so happy with how things are going between us--if only things were going so well with Kyle. I think we finally understand what sets each other off, how to communicate to the other person, and how to apologize quickly. I have to admit that as I've reflected on our wedding and our lives, it just doesn't seem like it's been 1,460 days. I feel like I've been Holly Young for forever---although I did search for Holly Edwards on the role in Sunday school last week. It all just seems so natural, our little family. As nervous as I was to marry Evan, I am so glad that I did. I love him more today than I did on our wedding day.

Too bad the weather didn't cooperate and our baby sitters couldn't get here, so instead of sushi out, we are going all out with a Pizza Hut delivery. You take what you can get, right, and I still don't have to cook or clean up. Plus, because all of our vacation trips were too expensive and we already had the in-laws lined up to babysit, we are staying in all alone---Friday at 10am to Sunday at 5pm. That is right, sleeping in, napping, going to see movies, eating out, no diapers, no making food, dealing with a feeding tube, or listening to demanding whining. It is going to be epic and amazing! Be jealous. Love our every four year anniversary!


Merry said...

That is so fun! Congratulations on your first anniversary! :D And I love the idea of multiple breakfasts! It is a great meal.

Mallory said...

I am going to be very VERY jealous of your sleeping in! Seriously very jealous! Happy Anniversary!

Rachel & Darrin said...

That sounds like a great anniversary, especially the 2 breakfasts! Yum! I hope I get to see you at Kaitlyn's shower!

Amy said...

Happy Anniversary! Sounds like you guys had fun celebrating!

scuz said...

congratulations you two lovebirds! Im so happy yall found each other and 3 delicious breakfasts in one day!

Teresa said...

oh, love this post :)
I also love that you went out to two breakfasts!

Kaitlyn and Kyle Shelley said...

So cute! What a fun anniversary celebration! It sounds like you are doing great. =) Sure love you!