Saturday, April 14, 2012

Moving Forward and Writing

I've been reading some amazing blog posts by great women recently. Things that make me think about who I want to be as a woman, who I want to be as a mother, and thoughts on our life stories. I have a lot of things that I want to say because of what I've been reading; however, I have only on sporadic occasions written my thoughts on this blog. It has mostly been to chronicle our lives and share pictures, but I feel that my thoughts and feelings are vital and important some day for my boys (and hopefully a girl eventually) to read. I've been burned by what I've written on this blog in the past. It has been the reason that I've stopped writing, or only been writing the sunshine part and pictures. But I need to move past radio silence and write for me, for Evan, for Kyle, and for Aiden.

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Mallory said...

Wow sad that someone has burned you for writing your thoughts and feelings on your blog. Not cool to who ever did that. But I agree with you that you got to record things to you that matter good or bad. I think I tend to write only good things because secretively I only want to remember good things but bad things do happen. Anyway just wanted you to know I read your blog still and still think you are amazing!