Tuesday, August 14, 2012

History Creek

 Today was our last free unplanned day before Evan goes back to school. So we decided to do something a little different. We went down to the Church History Museum because we had read about how wonderful their kids area was upstairs.

 I thought that the museum was put together well, and there were some amazing things downstairs in the main area, none of it really kept the kids' attention. However, upstairs there was a replica of Angel Moroni who sits on the top of most temples....it has always been a favorite reference point for Kyle. When he was Aiden's age, he could point it out and then would pretend to blow his own horn. This replica is a little smaller than the one on the Salt Lake Temple.

Before being able to get to the children's area, you are given the wonderful opportunity to walk through an exhibit of artwork submitted by members all around the world. This picture was my favorite. I love how you can see the terrestrial, telestial, and celestial spheres (including the three degrees of glory in the celestial kingdom). I wish that I could hang that in my house. The artwork was my favorite part of the museum.

This is on the boat fishing in the children's exhibit...which was centered around the Book of Mormon.

I have to admit, I did not love the exhibit. I thought the activities were not really centered around the Book of Mormon as much as I expected. They were somewhat hard to navigate for my children and did not really hold their attention. I am glad we went but for the effort of finding parking downtown (and paying for it), I was glad we had other activities planned.  

We had dinner at City Creek and let the kids play in their play area, while Evan and I were able to eat more leisurely and without too many interruptions. The floor is super padded and the structures are made of strong foam with a glossy, slick somewhat pliable material covering. The boys had a great time and the dinosaurs were cute and made great slides. 

Kyle had asked me to come into the play area to take pictures. But up above is when he started to tell me, "I'm done with the pictures."

We then enjoyed the fact that City Creek is designed so well to be colder outside walking around then in the air conditioned store. It was a gorgeous night and we loved just browsing and walking around. The boys were really excited in the Disney store and Aiden cried so hard when we had to take away the Phineas and Ferb stuffed animals :) I think after this one night, Evan and I were able to pin down about 75% of our Christmas list. I want to be better prepared this year :)


Merry said...

That's a really awesome picture!

Mallory said...

City creek sounds fun. Is SLC expensive to park downtown? It has been a long time since I have gone downtown in SLC