Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Am I Four Yet?

Kyle has been obsessed with when his birthday is for months. He frequently asks me, "Am I four yet?" Even on today, his birthday.....he asked. But he has been oh so cute about many things like asking his Mammi upon her pronouncement that it was a special day, "Do you know it is my birthday?"

Months ago, he asked for an angry birds birthday; however, later he added spiderman to it. So we had both types of plates and both types of decorations. This was an off year and so we had a low key birthday without a party. On Monday, for FHE we had a special lesson all about Kyle which entailed us looking at pictures of his life, telling him what we loved about him, and watching some home movies. It was a great idea by Evan and a tradition we wish to continue with everyone's birthday.

We had cocoa krispies rice crispy treats for a treat and since we were not having cake (the kids just don't eat it) on his actual birthday that is when we did candles and the song.

 Last night after bed, Evan and I put up angry birds wall decals that we got for his room. We put them on the window in the front room and around his bed. His reaction this morning was so funny. "Mommy, there are angry birds on my walls. Thank you Mommy."

We picked up little Miss Addison this morning and all headed over to Bouncing Off the Walls, an indoor inflatable playground with open bounce Wednesday morning. We were the only ones there. I had a great time and I think the kids did too, but there were drawbacks. 

After quiet time and a small family dinner---some of Evan's family came over and we opened gifts. He got either spiderman or angry birds clothing, backpack, Halloween costume, coloring supplies, temporary tattoos, watch and wrist band......oh besides the Buzz Lightyear pjs and Tangled movie. He is such a lucky boy. He also got a pack of gum because when he was two I told him he could chew gum when he was four and he remembered.

A few highlights from Kyle of late:
  • This kid loves the hospital and told Jenny, "That measures the oxygen in your blood; (referring to her pulse ox) at my hospital mine is a light and wraps around."
  • One day, I tried to get a fly with a kitchen towel, which upset Kyle and he said, "Mommy it is not nice to hit. He is our friend." Later, after Evan talked to him about the fly, upon seeing a spider, "Mommy, Daddy says bugs are not smart enough to be our friends."
  • He is obsessed with death and talks about people & animals going to live with their families once they are dead---this also plays into his fascination and knowledge about temples. We even went to the Brigham City Temple Open House last week. 
  • He will introduce himself and anyone with him to anyone and wants to make friends with everybody. I tried to explain personal space bubbles the other weekend----it didn't really translate into 4-year-old. 
  • He always gets a zoo map which he keeps and refers to throughout our visits and loves any kind of book/paper/pamphlet and will try to keep them as long as possible.
  • When Johnny said, "I'm living in a state of fear." Kyle says, "Johnny where is the state of fear?"
He is quick. He is always aware. He is inquisitive and has a memory like an elephant. He is the bright light to my days or the reason I am wishing for bed time. He has an opinion about everything. But he is a sweet boy who wants to hold your hand and snuggle with you. He will only take a nap if I lay down with me, and he loves to stroke my face. He is kind and polite and wants to help. He helped me clean the baseboards and walls yesterday.  I love this kid. This kid is just amazing. We thank God for him and his strength. Happy Birthday 4 year old----it has arrived you are officially 4 big boy!


Merry said...

Hahaha! He says so many cute things. Also, I like Evan's FHE idea!

Mallory said...

So sweet. Glad it was a good day for him! What a fun tradition about FHE near their birthdays. Can you believe you have a 4 year old time?!?! Time flies!

Teresa said...

what a sweet,smart,funny boy. this post made me laugh so many times :) I also agree with everyone that I love the birthday FHE idea.

Amy said...

So sweet. Sounds like he had the perfect birthday. I love the FHE idea (don't be surprised if we start doing it)!!!