Wednesday, February 6, 2013


I haven't posted in awhile. Honestly, besides a Thanksgiving that will go down in history as my most favoritest, bestest, most wonderful Thanksgiving ever, there hasn't been much worth keeping track of for posterity. There hasn't been much I want to rehash on the blog. Nothing that has sparked my writing interest. The boys are struggling medically. I made a decision this week that will require serious watching of the boys---because we are starting them on a drug that can cause an infection of the pancreas as well as raises their risk for cancer. The drug is a carcinogenic. It is an immunosuppressive drug, suppressing bone marrow. This drug requires each child to be surgically scoped now and in 6 months to see if it is making any difference. Because Aiden was somewhat emergently scoped in December, we just need new levels for Kyle. He is going in for his surgery next Friday. Then we will scope again at the end of the summer and see.

But I don't want to dwell on this anymore...I want to record a conversation for posterity. This happened today.
Kyle: (out of the blue) Daddy, 2+2=4
Evan: Yup.
Me: Evan, Kyle and I worked on geometry today. Hey Kyle, how many sides does a square have?
K: 4
E: Good job!
M: Kyle, how many sides does a triangle have?
K: 3
M: Kyle, how many sides does an octagon have?
K: 8
M: What about a circle?
K: None.
M: Good job, buddy

Twenty minutes later in the car:

Evan: What I am upset about is that you told Kyle a circle has no sides.
M: What???
E: It has an infinite amount of sides. Think about it, you have a square than...I forgot what a 5 sided shape is called?
M: It's a pentagon.
E: No that is a 2D shape, I'm talking a 3D shape.
M: No you aren't, you said a square not a cube.
E: Okay you are right, you are right, I was.....fine. So 2D, you have a square, pentagon, hexagon, octagon, the more sides you have the more the shape approches a circle. Think n=number of sides, as n approches infinity the shape becomes a circle. Therefore, a circle has infinite sides.
M: I know. At every point on a circle you can draw a line tangentially.
E: See. It is infinite.
M: I know. I did that proof in high school, but how do I tell this to Kyle? He's going to walk in to kindergarten and tell his teacher that a circle has infinite sides?
E: Worse things have happened. Just tell him it is the sunglasses that I draw on the white board. Hey Kyle, a circle actually has infinite sides.
K: A circle has infinite sides, which means none.
M: No, not none. Infinite is the opposite of none.
E: None means you don't have any and infinite means you have
M & E: Everything
E: It is the like the sunglasses that I draw on the white board downstairs.
M: It means that it goes on and on. It is the biggest number that you could every imagine.
K: A circle has infinite sides.
E: You know who works a lot with infinity?
K: Who?
E: Me.
K: Mommy, you know who works a lot with infinity?
M: Who?
K: Daddy.

That is right folks, the only part of my parenting that Evan ever math instructions to the children.

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Kirsten Hymas said...

That's so flippin' awesome.

And I'm honored to be considered your friend. You are so incredibly strong. I can't come close to knowing what it is like to raise two boys that have the difficulties that yours do, but I admired you fiercely for doing what you do.

You are awe-inspiring.