Thursday, August 22, 2013

Car Payment

Sorry, if this is making you sick, but I just found it when I went to pick an Aiden picture. It's from his birthday in July. I have to admit, that this is my favorite stage of Aiden so far. He is sweet, funny, adventurous and he is just happy.

Conversation yesterday while walking through a parking lot to our van.

Aiden: That's not my car. That's not my car. Where's my car?
Me: Here's our car.
Aiden: My car!!! My car!!!
Me: Is this your car?
Aiden: Yes!!
Me: Are you going to pay for your car?
Aiden: Yes!!
Me: (while buckling him into his carseat) Are you sure you are going to pay the car payment?
Aiden: Yes!!
Evan: It is over $300 a month. Are you going to give us money to pay that?
Aiden: Yes!!
Me: Okay, Aiden I need your money to pay the car payment then.
Aiden: Daddy, can I have some money???

Today, while getting into the van after the zoo.

Me: Aiden are you going to pay for the van?
Aiden: Yes!!
Evan: Where is your money?
Aiden: In your pocket!!!


Jenny Livingston said...

This made me giggle. Love it!

Mallory said...

cute. Lenna when she wants something says we should put it on hold like a library book and then just pick it up. Thanks for sharing the fun story.