Monday, October 28, 2013

Boo @ The Zoo

We went to Boo at the Zoo today. We had never been before and we probably won't go again. We got there for the 8am opening for Zoo Booster members. Even getting there early it was already quite crowded and we had to wait in a line that wrapped around the parking lot to get into the zoo. The whole trick-or-treating things was really waiting in lines throughout the whole zoo to be given candy at different corporate sponsored booths. We left after an hour, having been to the lines that were manageable and seeing the few animals that were out or in warmed buildings. By the time we left at 9, which is when it opened to general members and the public, the zoo was one long line from booth to booth. If you didn't stay in that line there was almost no way to get back in. 


We rode the carousel before we left and that was the only opportunity I had to get pictures. While I think the boys would have stayed longer, my body was beyond done and I paid for that excursion for the rest of the day. It was quite chilly. I thought I was fairly prepared and I just wasn't. I forgot how much longer it takes for the sun to come up over the mountains when you are in the shadow there, and there was enough breeze. Aiden was in a full body costume, with gloves and a hat and he was still cold. But they braved on. Aiden hates to ride an actual animal on the carousel so he is crying in these pictures--unfortunately, the benches had already been taken.

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Mallory said...

Glad you got there early. That is nice they open it to members early our zoo doesn't do that. But too bad it was too cold.