Saturday, March 28, 2009

In the Car, Driving Along

Last month, we took our first vacation since getting married and Kyle's first vacation ever. It was over our one year anniversary. Since most of my family had never met Kyle and my mother always invites us to sleep on her couch any time we want--we decided to take a road trip to Portland. We left as soon as Evan got off work on Thursday the 26th, so at 4pm. Then I drove us through the night and we arrived in Portland at 4 am on Friday. On the way back, we left Monday the 2nd at 10am and arrived home in Salt Lake around 1am. I was a little worried about how Kyle would do in the car for so long, but I shouldn't have thought twice about it.

This is Kyle waiting more patiently than me for Evan to get home so we could leave.

Ekitzel and Alexis let us borrow their Prius for the trip. It meant that we stopped for gas twice during the trip--that thing was amazing. Imagine driving 700 miles for $35 in gas. This is Evan waiting for me to get us driving.

This is Kyle on the way home just sleeping. He slept for most of it, but he was awake for several hours just talking on the way there and on the way home. He cried twice for five minutes each on the way there and not once on the way back. He was perfect. We stopped once to feed him on the way there and twice on the way home. For a twelve hour trip he traveled better than almost anyone I know.

Evan drove for one hundred miles on Monday while we were driving back. I don't ever get tired driving at night, but during the day--it just seems to lull me to sleep. Evan is the opposite. So he drove and I took an hour nap.

This is Kyle after we had stopped so he could have a quick snack.

All in all, the drive was fabulous. Beautiful scenery, good company, lots of time to think, and it went so smoothly. We have decided that we love road trips and hope to take another one soon. Kyle really does well in the car. However, only if he is alone. If anyone else is in the back with him he cries, especially if it is me because he feels that he shouldn't be strapped in, but in my arms. Such a spoiled little momma's boy.

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what a trooper! I'm glad it went so well too, that's awesome. Anyway, I was just thinking about you and how I hadn't seen any new posts on your blog recently and then today you post two that explain it all! Glad you're doing well! You're lil' man is so handsome and cute...Lv-Kirsten