Monday, April 6, 2009

Joy, Unadulterated Joy!

Evan's Mac laptop was knocked off our coffee table several months ago, it is in pretty bad shape because of that. The screen is jacked off it's hinges and won't stay upright, the computer is very slow and yesterday it quit recognizing the wireless card. My Dell laptop I've had for eight years. It still runs and works, but it is very bulky, has a lot of viruses, and doesn't do wireless internet. There are some other small annoyances like it doesn't hold a charge on the battery so it has to be plugged in all the time. We've known it was time for a new computer for a while and we've been saving for it.

Friday night we bought this....and Evan is totally expressing his excitement over our purchase.

This is the caress of pure love he feels for his new joy.....

This is now the way the computer desk looks although once we've transferred the hard drive on the mac laptop, it will be going away. Evan hasn't decided what he wants to do with it yet.

I have to admit it is pretty. We can now watch movies again and just having something that is faster and has the big screen is so nice. However, all the pictures from the trip are on my old laptop and Evan hasn't transferred them over yet, so the posts might be delayed for another long while. Sorry folks.

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Charity said...

Very nice. Looks like a lovely new computer. It's so nice to have things that work, huh?