Thursday, June 4, 2009

Arterial Spray

I love to watch crime dramas. So the other day when I opened my dryer and saw this, my first thought, "so this is what arterial spray looks like." In reality, it was one of Evan's red pens that got left in his pocket while I was doing the laundry. His first thought when I called him in a little (all right, big) panic, "you should have checked my pockets."

I really thought that $200 worth of pants had been ruined. There were church khakis, two pairs of Evan's jeans, my jeans, and my brand new capris for the summer. They all looked like this, although the khakis show it best.

I did some research and Evan called his mom. I told him to bring home hairspray, Clorox 2 bleach, another bucket of oxyclean (we were almost out) and some nail polish remover. He did, but before he got home, I used the rest of my oxyclean spray and wash, mixed an oxyclean paste, and lathered all the pants in the concotion. Using the last of my powdered oxyclean I ran a large load of very hot water in my washer and added the rest of the powder. I let the pants soak for about three hours remembering to agitate several times. I then ran the load like normal.

Lo and behold, it worked. The pants were back to normal. I used nail polish remover to remove the ink from the inside of the dryer (which has very dim marks still in it) and nothing transfered to the pants. It was a miracle.

Oxyclean, a girls' miracle when you have a pen obsessed husband.

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