Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Goose Eggs

As we experience standing and walking along objects, we also experience falls. Kyle is pretty good about realizing that he needs to hold on; however, sometimes he get very excited and lets go and falls. Well, he fell on Monday night about five minutes before I needed to leave and hit his head on the bottom shelf. It looked bad immediately and swelled up pretty good.

This is five minutes after the incident:

I don't know if you can see the bump, but we sure could.

This was the next morning:

He's still so happy and luckily doesn't seem to piece together that standing can cause goose eggs and is still going at it. The swelling was gone by the morning. We also have a registered pediatric nurse who is our neighbor...which means quick concussion checks when needed.

I also thought that I would include this video of playing keep away between Evan and Kyle. I could listen to that laugh all day. We love that block that our friend Ami made. I wish I had a whole basket full just like them....



what an amazingly cute and happy baby!

I think I could listen to that laugh all day too...

love babies!!!

Charity said...

That laugh is absolutely adorable. And only a baby that cute could make a bruise look good ;)