Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Bye Bye Jamba Juice

Evan's last day of Jamba Juice was officially August 4, 2009. However, he worked his last shift on Monday the 3rd of August. To celebrate I made him a dinner of lobster tail, green beans, and couscous.
He was one happy man. 

For desert, (courtesy of Ami & Joel's gift card from Evan's birthday in January :), we had The Cheesecake Factory. Evan had banana cream cheesecake and I had the most massive strawberry short cake. Seriously, my strawberry shortcake had the cake part, strawberries, ice cream, and whipped cream. None of it was small portions either. We were both very happy.

It is very nice that he has finished at Jamba Juice. Evan is definitely very happy to be done with that job. Kyle and I really appreciate how hard he worked there and all he's done for the family.

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