Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Photo Shoot

One thing that I really regret I didn't do with Kyle was get professional newborn portraits. So I knew that for his first birthday, I wanted to. My mom came the end of August, and so we went and got his pictures taken at JCPennies. Kyle was really tired, and so I was a little worried; however, he ended up doing really well and the pictures turned out well. We'd put him down in the middle on the "x" and immediately he'd crawl away. I think that Kyle had his pink monkey in almost every picture. He even tried to offer it to the photographer.


Amy said...

Cute! I love the middle close up one where he is looking right at the camera--he has such gorgeous eyes!

Merry said...

So cute!

westfam said...

What a little cutie Kyle is! Boys are fun! Cute blog! Holly, I'll have to meet you and Kyle sometime. If you are ever there on a Saturday pop in to say Hi! Evan is always talking about his cute family!