Friday, June 26, 2009

Scoot n' Scoop (9 months to over 3 years)

I thought that our lives were pretty interesting with all the progress and milestones that Kyle has hit recently, then I saw this. Well, even though we didn't meet the president, we had an exciting evening here in Utah.

Kyle has been pulling himself up on things and walking along them. He also walks if you hold his hands. Someone much smarter than I am suggested we get a walking toy. Someone else, also much smarter than I, suggested we get a toy that he can walk with now and ride later when he is older. Hence, the new Tonka scoot n' scoop. They can push it until they walk, then walk with it, and finally ride it. It also scoops up these little shapes that match to holes on the seat.

This was Kyle's first inclination last night...

Then we helped him up on it. It is hard to pull up when the car keeps moving away...

This is the video of the first steps with the new toy...we were so sure he would fall and not walk...

We also have found that Kyle loves Evan's guitar and will play it...

The pediatrician told us to try to get Kyle to transfer some of his attachment to a new object. We choose the pink monkey to do that with. It's now his "loves." Monkey goes everywhere. He also loves to crawl over and lay on it when I'm busy and can't pick him up or he'll suck on the tail while sucking his thumb. He loves it against his face obviously.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Kyle weighed in today at:

15 lbs 14 oz
(still not in a percentile....following the curve right along the bottom)

He's gained a pound and 4 oz in six weeks, which I feel is pretty good. He is 26 inches long, also not on the chart. But his head circumference is in the 40%. At least his brain is good sized :)

We had no residual effects from the immunizations and didn't even need Tylenol. He cried only on the second shot and only for a minute. He's so compliant and good at the doctor's office.

We have started to think about the first birthday party---

Goose Eggs

As we experience standing and walking along objects, we also experience falls. Kyle is pretty good about realizing that he needs to hold on; however, sometimes he get very excited and lets go and falls. Well, he fell on Monday night about five minutes before I needed to leave and hit his head on the bottom shelf. It looked bad immediately and swelled up pretty good.

This is five minutes after the incident:

I don't know if you can see the bump, but we sure could.

This was the next morning:

He's still so happy and luckily doesn't seem to piece together that standing can cause goose eggs and is still going at it. The swelling was gone by the morning. We also have a registered pediatric nurse who is our neighbor...which means quick concussion checks when needed.

I also thought that I would include this video of playing keep away between Evan and Kyle. I could listen to that laugh all day. We love that block that our friend Ami made. I wish I had a whole basket full just like them....

Friday, June 12, 2009

Equal Time

As any pregnant woman knows, a pregnancy is actually about 10 months or 40 weeks. So because Kyle came exactly a month early, today is the official day that he has been alive and out and about as long as he was inside baking.

He won't see the doctor until Wednesday for his official nine month checkup and immunizations so I don't have exact stats....but

Kyle was born on Friday, September 12th. This is him...he weighed 6lbs 4oz, but he was down to 5lbs 9oz within a few days....

This is Kyle just a few days ago. He can crawl around and pull himself up on everything. He probably weighs right around 15 lbs and although he is not big at all, he is finally fitting into clothes that should be his size (he wore newborn clothes for the first four months!)

Leaving the hospital...

At three months....

At seven months....

At almost nine months...

He loves to pull hair and sit like this with Evan...particularly if he can watch me cook dinner from there.

I turned around yesterday and he had crawled out of his pants and was standing at the coffee table..

This was this morning with the dishwasher...

He is a very happy little boy who loves his mom more than most. He'll eat anything, which usually averages about 30 jars of baby food a week; however, he is eating more and more from the table and even some meals we don't have to use any baby food :)

Thursday, June 4, 2009

iMac Photobooth

Creepy Crawling

Kyle is now crawling. He started officially doing what I consider to be an early version of a traditional crawl on Friday, May 22nd at Chris and Teresa's apartment.

This is a video of his crawling, which is still mostly motivated by me or a cell phone, unless in another's apartment. I need to get a better video now that after a few weeks he has improved so drastically. But this gives you the picture of his approach to crawling.

I think in that video you can sort of see, but this is a very familiar face to us now...

It is a happy face and also means that he is huffing air through his nose. He uses it a lot when his is being thrown in the air, after something he wants, or flirting...

We cleared out the bottom shelves in our book case. Kyle keeps his toys there and soon we'll even have fabric boxes there, but he loves to crawl into the cubes to get things....

He believes in straight paths and loves to crawl under the coffee table to get to me...even when it means bonking the head on the way in and on the way out...

He also loves to crawl through his exersaucer to get to the music shelves in our bedroom....

He loves to move. We have ways to baby proof, but we don't have all we need to accomplish it yet. Honestly, some of it just required us to box up our possessions and put them in the storage closet until much later. But it makes me so happy that he is crawling and I love it. Although, he often is only crawling when he is crying and trying to get to me so that I will pick him up. Hopefully, he'll start to enjoy playing more than sitting on my feet.

Arterial Spray

I love to watch crime dramas. So the other day when I opened my dryer and saw this, my first thought, "so this is what arterial spray looks like." In reality, it was one of Evan's red pens that got left in his pocket while I was doing the laundry. His first thought when I called him in a little (all right, big) panic, "you should have checked my pockets."

I really thought that $200 worth of pants had been ruined. There were church khakis, two pairs of Evan's jeans, my jeans, and my brand new capris for the summer. They all looked like this, although the khakis show it best.

I did some research and Evan called his mom. I told him to bring home hairspray, Clorox 2 bleach, another bucket of oxyclean (we were almost out) and some nail polish remover. He did, but before he got home, I used the rest of my oxyclean spray and wash, mixed an oxyclean paste, and lathered all the pants in the concotion. Using the last of my powdered oxyclean I ran a large load of very hot water in my washer and added the rest of the powder. I let the pants soak for about three hours remembering to agitate several times. I then ran the load like normal.

Lo and behold, it worked. The pants were back to normal. I used nail polish remover to remove the ink from the inside of the dryer (which has very dim marks still in it) and nothing transfered to the pants. It was a miracle.

Oxyclean, a girls' miracle when you have a pen obsessed husband.

Kyle Dancing

So the first Sunday in May, Ekitzel came to Sunday dinner at Evan's parent's house with us. Kyle loves to dance with Evan. So Ekitzel took a video. It is hard to tell that he loves it because he is so distracted by the computer (and then the light), which we should have turned off the monitor. Also, I am not sure who suggested this song--but I think it is pretty funny.