Saturday, January 2, 2010


So it has been a long time, but we are still here. I will go back and try to recap the most important happenings in our life for the last four months....

Chris, Teresa, and Halle moved to Ohio. It's been a big loss for us, but recently Teresa and Halle came to visit. Plus, Evan and I satisfy ourselves by talking about when we are going to move to Ohio.

My mom came to visit and the first thing we did when she got off the plane was go to the Apple store to purchase Evan's new computer. It is the love of his life. Notice that my printer box is bigger (that was a freebie for buying a new computer--and I got an iPod Touch as well for free).

My mom brought gifts for Kyle

And we went swimming

It was a great visit while she was here, very low key, but it was definitely too short.

At the end of August, we got to go to Roosevelt, UT. The drive was beautiful and short. We were stopped by some police thinking that our brake light being on meant we were driving with our parking brake on---nope, just a crappy car that has electrical issues. So every time you step on the gas the brake light comes on and stays. You have to step on both the brakes and the gas to get it off. Good times. We enjoyed a wonderful (although too short) 24 hours with this woman and her baby to be. Thanks again, Suzanne. I know that I am taking too long to post pictures, when Gus is already two weeks old.

Evan is the greatest to take pregnancy pictures with by the way....

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scuz said...

that hilarious! yall need to come again!