Sunday, March 14, 2010

Conversations with a Ridiculous Man

Usually, Evan and I switch off bath/bed nights. So the nights where I am working, Evan does all the bed routine and vice versa (although Evan is at school). Then Friday is my night, Saturday Evan's, and Sunday is whomever feels more generous or guilty about something. This has worked really well.

Yesterday, we ended up putting Kyle to bed together and tonight we did all of the bed and bath routine together. We decided that we liked this way better and concluded that Friday, Saturday, and Sunday we would do so.

During the bath part, I scrubbed Kyle down and Evan sat and watched. I mentioned that I am always a little worried the soap doesn't make it on to his skin on his legs when they are under the water.
After I was done, Evan said: "Do you always wash him like that?"
Me: "Yes."
Evan: "Oh, I didn't know it was supposed to be that intense."
Me: "What do you mean?"
Evan: "Well, I don't do it like that."
Me: (concerned) "What do you do?"
Evan: "Well, I wash his hair and bum area."
Me: (laughing)
Evan: "Have you always done it like that?"
Me: "Yes."
Evan: (incredulous) "Even when we bathed him in the sink?"
Me: "Of course, especially in between his fingers and toes. He is just like you and me, you know, he needs to be washed everywhere."
Evan: "Well, I guess I'll do that from now on."

Honestly, my child is 18 months old and has only been really bathed when I washed him. Cracks me up, but at least we all know now how Kyle is supposed to be bathed. Good thing we didn't keep switching nights for the next 5 years or so. I'll have a cleaner baby I guess :)


Rachelle Ferris said...

We do the bath night swap too, but bathing them together is much more fun- I must agree.
Tell Evan not to feel bad. We only wash our kids hair every other night, and usually only put soap directly on face, hands, bums and feet. We just put a little soap in the water when filling it up and figure that will get the rest of the spots... it is a bath, not the most sanitary thing anyway. But they always come out smelling fresh and clean!

Am, Joel, and Dane said...

Dane had a bunch of random, weird skin problems in the first 9 months of his life, so the pediatrician told us to only bathe him twice a week, a pattern we have continued to this day. It caters well to our laziness, and I don't think he's a stinky kid or anything. But you should probably let me know if he is.

Mallory said...

lol thanks for the laugh! The important part is kyle is just fine either way he gets a bath =)

Rachel & Darrin said...

That story made me laugh :) I also wanted to say congratulations on your soon-to-be new little boy! That is so exciting and I bet him and Kyle will be so cute with each other!

Teresa said...

I can totally picture that conversation in my head. That's pretty funny! Although in our family Chris is the one who tells me when I didn't do a good enough job cleaning Halle. I don't know why he thinks he gets to have an opinion of everything!

The Almond Project said...

Totally got a good laugh out of this!