Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Kyle and I went to Silverado (Evan's work) to pick him up on Saturday. While we were there hanging out with the residents and other staff, Suzy brought him a balloon. Kyle was very excited and played with it for a long time with the little dog who also loves balloons.

We came home and went down for a nap. Suzy had tied the balloon to monkey in order to keep it from floating off. Because it was 4pm and both Kyle and I were super exhausted and tired. I just left the balloon tied to monkey and prayed that my "bad" mommy moment would not cause any damage.

I thought it was too cute to pass up the opportunity for a photo. One hour into the nap, Kyle woke up screaming (pretty usual for him) and I went in to comfort him back to sleep. The only thing that I ended up doing was untie the balloon from monkey. While it didn't seem to make one difference to him one way or another, he went right back to sleep. Maybe balloons, although we love them, give him bad dreams. Either way, we've decided that Evan will have to bring balloons home from work regularly!



that picture is SUPER cute! i lurve it!

Teresa said...

it looks like your nursery is finally coming together. I love the crib and the dresser/changing table.

brittany barney said...

gotta love them balloons! thanks for your cute comments, i love them! yeah, hopefully we can last a while before kids destroy everything. however, i do nanny two wee ones who are over at our house all the time so i know what you mean about hey don't touch that and no, thats not for you! haha... hope all is well with your adorable little family!