Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Borrowed Camera

My mom came for a long weekend when Aiden was a week old. My camera just isn't fast enough and seems to be making all of my pictures blurry. So my sister was kind enough to lend us her really super fast awesome camera that takes like 12 pictures a second or something like that. It is way cool and I would love to have one someday when it is more in my price range. So pictures from that weekend are really all that I have. None of this is in chronological order either. But here are some of my favorites.

Evan sleeping with Aiden.

Kyle contemplating--he looks really tired because he has been. Not sleeping well and not sleeping long enough.

My mom with Aiden.

My mom with Kyle. I think this is the only time that he cuddled with her.

This is one of Kyle's favorite things to do. He climbs on the table and then in the bouncy. If Aiden is in it, he'll lay on Aiden. I wish that whomever it was had never put him in it and shown him how to turn on the vibration. (I really can't remember who it was either).

My mom and Aiden.

My sister with Aiden. She was about three weeks from her own delivery of her first baby at this point. So Aiden will have a very close girl cousin.

Kyle helps me buckle Aiden in to his car seat. He also does it on his own. But he'll do it on the baby car seat whenever we put it down. For some reason, we have a hard time remembering that he does that when we can't seem to get the arm strap out from behind Aiden's back when Evan and I put him in there. You'd think we would have caught on by now--but no :)

Kyle holding Aiden. No one can touch him when Kyle holds Aiden--and he doesn't cuddle him. Aiden just lays there. Now we use the boppy so that Aiden isn't so uncomfortable.

Kyle demonstrating good baby care with his baby and the boppy. If I had taken this picture a second later, the baby would have been covered--even over his head with the blanket. Kyle has done that to Aiden as well. Good thing I caught him.

Aiden had another baby checkup with our midwife yesterday. I am pleased to announce that he is 9lbs 10oz. He's growing, and he still pretty much looks like he did the day he was born. We had newborn photos taken at 2 weeks, so we'll post those as soon as we have them.


Derek and Andrea said...

Wow, he's so big! If I didn't know, I would think he was so much older! How fun to have close brothers!

Amy said...

I'm excited to see newborn pics! Looks like you guys have stayed busy! Glad your mom could come and visit!

Teresa said...

so cute! I LOVE the one of Kyle "holding" Aiden. Can't wait to see you guys!

cathmom said...

Great pictures! I miss you guys! Looking forward to our Homebirth Family Picnic. Yes, I will still be beaded and braided.

scuz said...

YAY! thanks for posting and putting pictures. the one of your mom and Aiden looking at each other is beautiful!

Ekitzel said...

oh Holls! Your family is so beautiful even when they are tired ;)

elka said...

I am dying over the picture of baby on Kyle's lap, so funny! You did good, he's adorable!