Sunday, July 4, 2010


Kyle was sick for a week so we went to the doctor. He said to keep him on a simple diet longer as intestines need about 3 days to heal, even when we feel better. After 11 days of sickness, we went back to the doctor. He had not had a wet diaper in 36 hours and had no interest in food or drink. To mine and Evan's surprise, we were admitted that afternoon to Primary's Children Hospital up by the University of Utah.

Although it looks like his arm is broken--it isn't. That is just the coban they put around his IV so he wouldn't try to pull it out, although he did try at times to chew on the line and to chew on the port. The first 24 hours were very pitiful and Kyle didn't really get out of bed, highly different from when he is usually bouncing off the walls sick in the past. This sickness was the first time that I had seen him writhing in pain and waking up screaming because of it. He wouldn't even let us touch him it was so bad at times.

We just got home this morning after spending 3 nights up there. It's funny because I feel so dirty after leaving the hospital, any hospital. It seems so germy, which is not something I usually care about. I want to wash everything.

They still don't know what was wrong and we may never know. But we got him hydrated and made sure that he could keep himself that way without an IV every night. He was definitely feeling better by the time we left and was so bored and irritated with his room. So were Evan and I. Because it is possible he has a highly contagious bacteria living in his intestines (c-diff), we were not allowed to leave his room. So we saw no fireworks (although Evan and I viewed fireworks from up there two years ago when I was pregnant with Kyle) and were not allowed to take walks or do anything outside of the room. So we were very bored and frustrated yesterday afternoon and this morning.

None of us slept very well either. One of us would sleep with Kyle and the other would sleep on the pull out chair/cot. Seeing that I am 39 weeks pregnant, I was just never comfortable. The first few nights every few hours I made Evan change sleeping places with me. Needless to say, we are glad to be home. Even though we got home at 10 this morning, we are now all taking a nap.

Happy Fourth of July, everyone!


Mallory said...

=( bummer he was so sick. But I am glad they could get him feeling better especially before you have the new addition to the family!

Teresa said...

Oh my gosh! How horrible for you guys. I am glad he's doing better. I hope he doesn't have c-diff though, that's a nasty bug.

Well, another 4th of July spent at the hospital:) maybe you should just make is a tradition.

Amy said...

Poor guy...and poor parents! Glad he is feeling better. No fun at all!

scuz said...

holy crap! just what you need. i am really glad that Kyle is ok. go team Young!