Friday, October 15, 2010

And they Sleep....

I went to post this picture a long time ago, and though I uploaded it, I totally forgot that the post even existed until I went to edit another post and saw it.

I had Aiden on a Friday at noon. Kyle was with my in-laws and came to visit that evening, but was with them until Saturday at dinner. Then he came home to be with us. That night, Evan left me alone with both boys for 40 minutes while he went to do Elder's Quorum stuff. I had just had Aiden 30 hours ago. I did dishes and laundry while he was gone--but mostly tried to deal with an overly tired 2 year old who would not get off of the bouncy and constantly seemed to be threatening to smoother Aiden. It turned out okay cuz Aiden is still alive today.

Fast forward to Tuesday, Evan went back to work that day and I was left alone with the kids for 8 hours (usually it is 12---he took a short day). I thought that it would be bad and I would struggle to adjust. I only am finding the adjustment a little more difficult as Aiden gets older. This picture is a visual triumph of becoming a mother of two--I got them both to nap at the same time. Although, when I moved Kyle to his bed he woke up and didn't nap very well, but before I moved him I was able to pick up the house and put away laundry.

Recently, I saw a post from a dear friend of mine asking for advice for moving from a mother of one, to a mother of two. I have been pondering what I would like to say to her. I am still unsure, but I would just like everyone to know that they too can do it :)

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