Thursday, October 27, 2011

Loan Sharks

This is the conversation that I had in the car with Kyle while we were waiting at a stop light on 4500 S and State Street.

Kyle: Is that a temple?
Me: Where?
K: (pointing) There. That white part.
M: (realized it was the Check City sign). No.
K: Yes!
M: No!
K: What is it?
M: It is a city scape. A picture of a city.
K: Why?
M: Well, the name of the store is Check City. So there is a picture of a city on their sign. Check City. Picture of city.
K: What do they have inside.
M: It is a loan company. They are loan sharks (saying that for the benefit of Evan who would be disappointed if I did not say something. He seethes over these types of companies).
K: (awe in his voice) They have sharks swimming inside.
M: No, they have unethical lending practices (again channeling Evan).
K: They have guys swimming around to get the sharks and like at Target (I thought he was referring to store)
M: (resigned, knowing this is going nowhere) Sure.
K: And we don't have things to shoot them.
M: No.
K: They need some like the wii (referring to a bow and arrow from our archery game on the wii, which he calls target and has no shooting under water at all, let alone at sharks).
M: Yup.

This is fairly typical of how things go; temple to sharks to bows and arrows. And the final thought of the day--I hate the combination of children and suckers.


kirsten.brooke said...

It is definitely a sticky combo! (Referring to the suckers part...not the sharks!0

Jenny Livingston said...

Hahaha! Knowing Kyle, he'll remember this and someday soon he'll repeat the words "unethical lending practices" in another conversation.

Amy said...

Too funny!

Heidi said...

I have to say - I can't wait til Addison talks better :)