Saturday, October 29, 2011

Edible Brain

Evan woke up this morning and told me about this crazy dream he had:

Evan had to have a brain operation to look at his brain. He had other people urging him to get it done, "because he could waste his mind if he didn't have it looked at." The surgeon cut his head open and placed slices of his brain onto what were like jello molds to look at the deterioration. Evan and I were only dating at the time and he was worried that I wouldn't stay with him if I knew. He came downstairs after the operation and brought me the molds. I proceeded to eat his brain. And his first thought was, "wow! she really isn't leaving."

When he told me this, my first though was, "oh my gross, I would never. That is so disgusting."

P.S. Kyle surgery is scheduled for November 18th. It will require that he be in the hospital overnight at least to make sure that the port is working correctly. I have to take a class up at Primary's before hand to make sure that I know what I am doing in cleaning, feeding, and changing the tube. I read the whole folder that the doctor sent me home with--I'm completely freaked out and I'm not sure that I can do this. It just seems so intensive and awful. If the tube comes out, I have 20-30 minutes to insert a new one before the hole can shrink too much. I have to carry an emergency kit wherever he goes. Talk about scary.


scuz said...

You can do it. You are bright and aware and a fabulous mom. If you get tired, let me or someone help you!

Amy said...

Gross dream!

You CAN do this!

Jenny Livingston said...

You can totally do this, Holly! Have I ever told you how amazing I think you are? You'll take the class, memorize all the material, and then you'll totally rock this g-tube thing!

If you are interested, I know a few CF mama's who I'm sure would be willing to offer advice or give some pointers.

And that dream? Ew! But I love that your thought process wasn't about how ridiculous the ENTIRE dream was, only that you'd never eat his brain.

Merry said...

Hahaha! I have really crazy, vivid dreams that I like to tell Dave. But Evan’s dream was way further out than mine get!! And you can do this! You are a strong, capable woman and mother.