Thursday, November 10, 2011

Forgotten Thanksgiving

So Evan came home on Monday from work and stated that he had been flipping channels on the radio. On one of them, he had heard Christmas music. He may or may not have used expletives to explain how he felt about that. He said, "It isn't even Thanksgiving yet." I furthered the discussion by mentioning that Tai Pan Trading and several other stores have been over run with Christmas, Costco even before Halloween.

Evan said, "Thanksgiving is like Beiber's little brother. Or his baby. Totally forgotten."

It probably doesn't help that Evan can't stand Christmas music any time of the year.

Then yesterday, we had another conversation about Thanksgiving. Evan was telling me how much he loves Thanksgiving. His reasoning that, "It is a low maintenance holiday. I don't have to give any gifts. I don't have to remember to do anything. And because I'm a male, I don't have to do any cooking either. All I have to do is eat."

My sister, Heidi, also loves Thanksgiving. For her I think it is because she loves all the food stuffs. She loves turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy and pie. I don't know if it is because her birthday falls around and sometimes on Thanksgiving, but it is her favorite meal and she will order Thanksgiving food at restaurants and request it for special meals.

I'm not opposed to Thanksgiving, but I don't care for the food. I don't like turkey that much, I hate gravy, and I don't eat left overs. It seems like a waste of a good holiday and too crammed between Halloween and Christmas. Maybe if it had some more time, I could enjoy it. But I keep thinking, why even put up my Thanksgiving/fall decorations. Why not just pack them away. I'll have to get these bins out again in just a few weeks for that anyway. I also feel like it is just another Sunday dinner. Nothing too special.

So we'll see how we fair this year.


Shaunel said...

Favorite holiday. I'm with evan, except I LOVE the cooking part. No gifts, just about a wonderful feast and being thankful. (You should come up with a random different dish this year so you can enjoy the feast also):)

Derek and Andrea said...

Right there with ya! And it's frustrating because Derek's birthday is usually the same weekend, so his birthday usually ends up being totally looked over and it makes me feel bad! His family uses left over pie instead of a real birthday cake. It's my mission to make his birthday exceptional!