Monday, July 9, 2012


Today is Aiden's second birthday and I have decided to be on top of it this time :) Wait, you don't remember his first birthday, maybe that is because I never posted about it. Maybe?

We only do big parties every other year. This year, an off year. So we had a low key day. We had presents before breakfast....Aiden choose to have Chex cereal for breakfast.

 Kyle did help at some points but Aiden did need it.....

 Showing off badly needed new sandals with dinosaurs.

Both of the boys received portable DVD players, which Evan earned for free from work. We had to test them out immediately :) and they were a hit.

Our first stop this morning was a long tedious visit to Home Depot to get things for a table refurbish. Aiden was interested in giving hugs and kisses while we waited.

We did have a short productive visit with the pediatrican for a 2 year old check up. He is 50% for weight and 30% for height. You know, we are both short too. But besides the massive amount of bug bites on his head from our camping trip this weekend---he is perfect :)

 After the doctor's we went to McDonald's to play on the play equipment and eat french fries---a favorite of Aiden's. 

 We had a good three hour nap this afternoon, then headed to have a quick visit at the zoo.

 After the zoo, for some reason I didn't take any pictures of us enjoying ice cream for dinner at a nitrogen ice cream place with Mammi, Papa, and Zoie. It was fun and I love the idea of having ice cream for dinner once during the summer. I also feel since it was a special day, we should live it up as low key as we were going to be. We didn't even sing to Aiden, but on Sunday at Sunday dinner with family, I am sure we will with his little cake.

2 weeks
8 months
Basically 18 months
2 days shy of 2
He is such a character, so strong willed, and independent. He loves to make faces and pull funny stances. He is very interested in showing you everything---"LOOK!" followed by a manhandle of your face in the desired direction. He repeats his scripture verses during family scripture study each night. He thoroughly enjoyed the fireworks this year after the first test firework took him by surprise. And he calls his blankie love, his monkey, just like Kyle calls his monkey love his monkey :) He loves to be social and he is just very relaxed most of the time. I can't believe he is 2, and yet, I can believe it entirely because of how he is growing and developing.


Merry said...

Oh, that last picture is precious! What a wonderful way to celebrate!

Mallory said...

Happy 2nd birthday! What a fun day for him and you .

Teresa said...

I also love that last picture. What a handsome guy : )