Thursday, April 4, 2013

Silver Lining

Well folks, we still exist. After moving, an unexpected two day hospital stay for Kyle (where we found out that his stomach and intestines have healed, but we are still starting the process of looking for tumors), a week of preparing our old house to return it to our landlord, being screwed over by our landlord....the giant douche, looking for a new apartment, applying for a new apartment, scheduling a move to a new apartment (renting a truck, getting our stuff from storage), the beginning of potty training for Aiden, and being uninsured due to Medicaid error (hopefully it will only last another week) rescheduling 3 appointments for Kyle, postponing necessary blood work for Aiden, and paying $300 out of pocket to see a specialist we have been waiting a month has been a long two weeks. Yes, that all happened in the last two weeks.

The silver lining in all of this is that to celebrate Evan's has been a long four years :) in a month and a day we are leaving to go to Disneyland!!!! Disneyland!!! Except our two day stay in Vegas two years ago, we have never gone on (with the boys) a purely fun vacation. It has always been to visit family, visit schools, visit family/hometowns/schools trips. We have always slept on the floor (which we have always appreciated). So we are going for it. Aiden is still free, we are driving, getting a hotel, and going to Disneyland! And we are going with our two good friends who are Disney enthusiasts and masters of this fairly complicated vacation!

Guys, I just have to hold on through the end of the semester! One month, one day! Here we come! Any tips, tricks, suggestions for us newbies would be appreciated.

P.S. Ducks don't have teeth....I just won that Google bet with Evan and need to gloat. Duh ducks don't have teeth :)


Mallory said...

Wow crazy not good 2 weeks. But your boys look very handsome in their yellow vest. Hooray for Disneyland! It is always fun to go with friends who can just lead you along and tell you what you should do it makes it that much easier and more fun!

Shaunel said...

How fun!! Hope your life is a bit calmer now. Best of luck to the end of the semester!