Thursday, April 25, 2013

Lego Zoo

We went to the zoo today, and some time between last Friday and today, they had installed Lego exhibits throughout the park. There were large signs explaining what we could do to help protect the animals represented by the Lego models, but we didn't read any of that :)

This is a tree frog, but with the protective glass and shade, I know it is hard to see, but you can see the boys' reflection in the bottom. 

These are Lego monkeys.

This was a full sized polar bear made of Legos on a Lego iceberg.

Kyle's best friend, Ben and his little sister and mom, joined us today. Ben showed Kyle how to climb on top of the log in the otter habitat area.

Lego turtles


These pictures are probably in the coolest part of the Lego exhibits, they have a picture of an orangoutang and a gorilla made out of Legos with places for the kid's head to pop through. I really like 2D art done in Legos. The way they do shading and everything is extraordinary and the boys came back to this part of the zoo before we left they liked it so much.

I just wish I knew when the exhibits are going to be gone. And a normal zoo picture of Aiden with our friends.

It was a gorgeous day and a ton of fun to go with our friends.

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Mallory said...

very cool legos! glad you had fun at the zoo!