Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Pyramids, Car Rides, Length of Days, and Weather in Just a Few Short Minutes

This starts in the middle of a conversation about pyramids, if you can move them, make the disappear, are they hard or soft, what they look like inside, and how we live in the desert like the pyramids do, but it is different and not the whole world is a desert.

H: Remember it is a 2 day drive to Oklahoma.
K: Like it is a 2 day drive to California.
H: No, remember that was only 1 day.
K: It is a long day when you drive.
H: Yes, it makes for a long day.
K: Only Jesus can make the day shorter. He can make it longer too.
H: Yes, I guess.
K: It is because he has the power of God.
H: That is true.
K: Only God can change the weather.
H: True.


Mallory said...

kids are awesome!

Shaunel said...

So funny. way to capture it.