Thursday, December 18, 2008

Date Night

Shortly before Thanksgiving, Mammy (Evan's mom has asked to be referred to by this horrible name--as if we live in the South and sip mint juleps on our veranda every evening in our rockers looking over the fields), asked if we would like a date night. She hadn't watched Kyle since the 1st of November. We agreed.

We had no plans made. But the Saturday after Thanksgiving, we dropped Kyle off and went in search of our friends. We headed to William's and Sonoma at Trolley Square to see if Bri was working. She wasn't, but we did park next to our twin car--we took a picture.

After we wandered around the mall--everything was either under construction or very expensive--we dropped by and saw Bri and John briefly. Then through sheer luck, we were blessed to see Amy's beautiful apartment and new couch and watch Iron Man with her and Elliott. It was a late night, but very pleasant.

When we went to pick up Kyle, he was sound asleep on the floor of Grandfather and Mammy's room, but we heard that the dog had eaten half of one of his burp clothes. Milo, the dog, is very big into the taste of spit up and I've caught her multiple times licking at a used burp cloth or Kyle's clothing. Although, I was suprised that she actually ate this much cloth...

Don't worry Dad found the piece later after it passed through her system--so we know she's okay ; ) He generously offered it back to us--but I was satisfied without it. We have plenty of others.


Sutter Family said...

That's really funny about the burp cloth. Hope you guys had a great Christmas. We almost died on the way to the airport. We'll have to tell you about it. Let me know
if you want me send you back any of th epics you emailed me, since your computer is out of service. I also have the group pic from temple square I can send if you want.

Mallory said...

Okay I totally laughed that the dog at that much of the burp cloth! Wow that dog must really really like spit up! What a cute family you have =)