Tuesday, August 18, 2009


So Evan stopped working at Jamba Juice on the 4th of August. Then the rest of that week, we ran errands and swam in the pool and did some other things. Well, he also had all of last week off, and guess what we did...we were all sick. First I got it, then Evan and then Kyle. Don't read if you have a queasy stomach--Kyle projectile vomited all over the table and in his high chair during dinner on Wednesday night.

It took us a long time to get over--all week. Yesterday, Monday after one full week of sickness and moving people, we were finally all better. Unfortunately, Evan started working again today. But in the last twenty-four hours, I would like to tell you all the things that I got done:

  • went to the dentist to drop off Jamba coupons and Mary Kay samples
  • went to 2 IHops looking for a second pink monkey, as the first was pooped on and in the washer and we would be out all day--no luck
  • went to Park City and found that Carters, Old Navy, and the kitchen store had nothing that we wanted
  • went to Bed, Bath, and Beyond to realize that my 20% off coupon had expired and I didn't have enough money to buy the baskets without them--oh, and realized, those were not the baskets I wanted
  • taught Evan how to cook ground turkey/hamburger
  • organized all the papers on my desk
  • filed
  • organized all my Mary Kay product on my shelves
  • went to the physical therapist and had my orthodics remolded
  • did all the laundry
  • folded laundry
  • put laundry away
  • organized the storage unit to fit in Kyle exersaucer and both bikes
  • paid bills
  • washed and vacuumed the car and windexed all the windows
  • swept all floors
  • mopped all floors
  • cleaned all the chairs
  • wiped down kitchen walls
  • cleaned both bathrooms
  • dusted
  • vacuumed
  • vacuumed couch
  • made up couch for my mom's visit
  • windexed the sliding glass door
  • cleaned out the fridge and wiped it out
  • disinfected all the toys with bleach
  • did all the linen laundry
  • folded laundry
  • put laundry away
  • ironed skirt
  • cooked dinner
  • called the hospital and worked out insurance billing
  • cleaned stove and drip pans
  • cleaned all the kitchen counters and sinks
  • took out all the trash
  • laundered Kyle car seat cover and our shower curtain
  • cleaned Evan's suede tennis shoes
And Kyle was with me the whole time. I took breaks while he napped. Now, I even have time for a blog post. FYI: I'd like to point out that I got more done in these last two days than I have in probably a month. But, I'd also like to point out, that my mom is coming tomorrow to stay with us for a few days. I also wanted to make sure that our house got cleaned of all our sick germs before anyone else got sick from us (which happened to our dear friends as they were moving cross country and stayed with us for a night before their flight :( oops)

Now all I have to do is get ready and go to work tonight--Evan will be going to pick up and move in our new desks, so I have it easy :)


Mallory said...

wow you were productive! Hope you are having fun with your momma

Teresa said...

go, holly, go! also, a huge congrats to evan (and joel, i guess) for winning the video competition. I wish we could be there for the BIG screen debut.