Thursday, April 1, 2010


(shoe love)

So it occurred to me that Kyle has several words the other day. He can say, "eyes," "ball," "shoes," "bye-bye," and "mama." But he only says mama when he wants something or got hurt. He used to say "hello" when playing with his cell phone, but he lost that long ago. He can also point to his head, eyes, and nose, and will stick out his tongue when asked where it is.

However, I never kept good track of when his sounds became the words and he was able to attach meaning. So what do I put in his baby book for first words and when does a sound become a first word? Evan doesn't think they need to know the meaning, but I disagree. Any opinions? Kyle is rather good at imitating or trying to imitate our words so I find it hard to know when it becomes a word. Evan and I definitely agree that "shoes" was first. Although when, who knows? Oops.

We also had a break through today while we were reading, he pointed to a picture of a ball and said "ball." We haven't been able to recreate it, and it is definitely his weakest word, but he said it.


Derek and Andrea said...

I agree with you, they need to know the meaning! Otherwise, our kids probably speak fluent Chinese, Arabic, French, and some other language we've never heard of, they just don't know it!

Merry said...

Haha! I'm totally in with what Andrea said.

The ball thing is so cute!

Teresa said...

I agree with the ladies, but according to Chris all of her babbles that sounded like english were among her first "words". But then it is hard to know what their official first word is. Like Kyle, we decided "shoes" was Halle's first, but I also can't remember at all when that was. The stress of trying to keep a baby book!