Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Last weekend, Frances came home from Washington D.C. (although after a year, is Utah still her home?? Probably not) to do this incredible bike ride up by Logan and to see people. We went to a bonfire with s'mores (made with reeses's cups--so good). This is how excited Kyle was to see her--and we even taught him her name that day, Fwancee.

These are the two old friends, although I think Kyle was mostly sitting with her because she kept giving him graham crackers. :)

He took 35 pictures on my camera that look something like the next two, but after the camera would click, he would laugh and smile and keep going. It gave him too much joy to take it away, although it did wear out my battery.

And this is 35 weeks.

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Mallory said...

Wow 35 weeks in your picture that means you have to be more than 35 weeks! Crazy how soon your are due. I wish you tons of luck in the next few weeks.

Also I am glad you got to go to Logan! Hooray!

And I am glad you guys had fun at the zoo! Yay!