Wednesday, June 9, 2010


So the last time that we went to the zoo was for Kyle's first birthday (8 months ago). He was still too young to really appreciate it. I think the animals were too far away for him to focus. Luckily, we have these amazing friends with a zoo pass and we go for free with them---

Aren't they the cutest. Kyle loves their house and every week when we go over he gets all excited pointing and talking (in the serious sound making although no real words). I partially think that it is because there seems to be a never ending supply of food given to him. For example, after the zoo all the kids had peanut butter sandwiches and none of the older kids ate the crust--Kyle spent the next hour, going into the kitchen, climbing up to the table, getting a piece of crust, bringing it to the living room, and eating. But he also loves Gracie (the youngest). Thank you Hyzer's for allowing us to tag along.

This is the only picture I got of Kyle because my camera was running out of batteries--thanks to the other 35 he took the Saturday before. But he was intently telling me something--if I only knew what :)

Kyle really enjoyed the zoo this time and could see the animals and since he loves animals it was perfect. When we saw the monkeys, he pointed and said, "Daddy." Evan thinks I'm kidding. But I am entirely serious. The wildcat was the only thing that he correctly identified, "kitty." :)

We went to the farm at Thanksgiving Point for Memorial Day and I should have taken pictures but I left my camera at home on accident. He loved that as well and everything, especially the cows and horses, were called, "doggie."

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Amy said...

How fun! Kyle is growing up! (and you look good in the picture below!!! Not much longer!)