Thursday, April 30, 2009

Recent Photos

On one of the first really nice days of spring, we took a picnic to Temple Square and walked around after. These are some of the pictures we took. I really wish that Kyle hadn't spit up his carrots from that day during the picnic, then the pictures might be better :) What can you do?

A friend of ours was so good to us and took some family shots in Sugarhouse Park a month or so ago. If you can believe it, it snowed just a few hours later.

This was our Manti temple trip.

Kyle has been learning how to throw. However, we still don't have the release down, so it ends up hitting him in the head quite often....

He's also been scootching backwards when on his tummy. This is the first position...

Then his final position after pushing with his arms.

We were playing with bubbles on our patio...

I just like how big his head looks from this angle.

This was Easter morning. Kyle's outfit came mostly from Nana for Easter. I'm in love with argyle and sweater vests. Too bad Evan didn't wear his argyle sweater vest.

Check out how the socks have matching argyle. Gotta love it.

So I guess that is the month of April for our family in pictures. I take so many and then only a few end up here, but at least you can see how big Kyle is getting and all the new things he is learning.


Charity said...

Your son has the most adorable face I think I have ever seen. And the spit up carrots make the pictures more authentic I think ;)

Mallory said...

What a cute family! Congrats on the up coming sealing too! I am very very excited and happy for all of you.

Teresa said...

I love the Easter outfit!