Monday, April 13, 2009

Baby Date

Kyle has had many meeting with other children; however, up until this point they were usually about a year older than him. Last week, or maybe it was the week before, it has started to get away from me, Kyle got to have a baby date with another youngster his own age. Joelle gladly brought the gorgeous and curious little Natalie over to meet Kyle.

He really wasn't very interested. However, Natalie was very aggressive. Mostly, I think that Natalie was more interested in eating Kyle's clothing than anything else. I'd like to mention that they are almost two months apart, but Natalie clearly could take him size wise. Maybe even cuteness, especially with that hair.

Frances also posted her pictures of the event. There is one that looks like an engagement picture and you have to see it. With Frances leaving, will we ever know the possibilities that could have been? I'd also like to rebut from Frances' post that Kyle only cried when she tried to hold him--he is not afraid of the other sex like she tried to insinuate. He is afraid of everyone who is not me (and sometimes Evan).

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Joelle said...

I love these photos! So cute