Friday, July 1, 2011

Ear Ache

So I've been up since 4: 30 this morning, which I'm really not complaining about since I went to bed at 7:30 last night and was finally able to sleep without two percocets since Monday night. See, Monday late morning, I realized one of my ears was completely clogged. I could not hear out of it and it was driving me crazy and painful. I did research and tried flushing it and steaming it and heat. By that evening, I was in a lot of pain, and my right side of my face hurt too. I knew that when Evan got home, I would get a blessing and I would be healed by morning. The blessing said I would be healed through my faith--and I knew that Heavenly Father could and would heal me.

Well, on Wednesday, I went and bought a decongestant to thin the mucus which I've taken every 4 hours religiously (after plenty of research I thought this was a sinus infection and that is what needed to be done and recommended on the internet). I did not buy the recommended Mucinex-D because that was $22 for 24 pills, but the off brand with a little less of the guaifenesen for $2.35. Well, fast forward this this morning and I am still at a pain level of about 6 (out of 10--common doctor pain scale rating). My ear sometimes hurts, but mostly the other side of my face: jaw, temple, sometimes throat, all hurt something crazy. I was really hoping to not to go to a doctor, because as well all know, I am not covered by insurance. But I am going to have to. I'll try to look up a discounted clinic and see if I can get in today--I know that if I don't go today it will either be the instacare or most likely, the ER because of the holiday weekend and I don't want to pay those types of cost. Plus, I'm so tired of this. I have major things to do on my to do list before Aiden's birthday bash and I just feel miserable and like I am barely getting through my days.

I've had two other blessings and I just don't know why I am not being healed. I know that He can, I know that I'm worthy for that blessing, but I am not being healed. I really want to be because I just can't afford more medical bills to be paid. But it is not my will that matters, if He wants my family to pay for a doctor's visit and medication, then He will make a way. Plus, I read a great article in the July Ensign about going forward and He will make course corrections as we need them as opposed to just sitting and waiting in what could potentially be a "spiritual dead spot." FYI: I love the Ensign, I read it cover to cover each month, and I sometimes neglect my motherly duties to do so, it is the best birthday gift that I've ever been given (thank you Alyse for both years of my subscription).

So please pray that I'll get an appointment this morning, pray that it will be $50, pray that is nothing more than a sinus infection and the prescription will be $4. Pray that my children will be good, patient, and sweet in the doctor's office. Pray that it will be quick effective and that it will not ruin my holiday. Pray that this racking, productive (in case you don't know: that means there is stuff that comes up when I cough, oh TMI, sorry!) cough that I've had now for three weeks and is probably related to this head stuff will go too. I have things to do, a BBQ to attend, and a party to prepare for. Plus, I have awesome posts with pictures about someone who is a God send, the yard cleanup day, sprinklers, birthdays, and so much more---all waiting for energy to be composed so you, my few and faithful, readers know what is going on in our life.

Also, if you want to read a hilarious story about my friend who lives in China, click here. I can just see this happening.


kirsten.brooke said...

Geez...not been your week, has it? I really hope it's an easy fix (both on the wallet and physically).

I'll be thinking of you!


Ami, Joel, and Dane said...

Boo for the ear ache and the productive cough. Yuck. I hope it all goes away as quickly and inexpensively as possible.

Amy said...

Yuck. Ear aches are the pits. I'll be praying for you. Just remember that you were promised that you will be healed...and you will. It may not seem like it is happening as quickly as you want, but it will happen. Keep having faith! Te iubesc!

Teresa said...

Seeing as how I am a few days late reading this post and it is now Sunday, I really hope you are better. It is stressful enough to be sick, but to then add the stress of not having insurance and not knowing how you are going to be able to go see a doctor makes it that much less fun :(
I am inspired by your faith though.
Even if Heavenly Father has chosen not to heal you in the way or time that you are hoping, I am sure you will be blessed for putting your faith in Him and relying on the priesthood.