Thursday, July 21, 2011

Temple Square

Have I told you recently how obsessed with the temple this child is? Oh, I haven't. Well, let me tell you. He is OBSESSED! It started with an family home evening, he and I had months ago when Aiden was a wee little one who was always sleeping. We leafed through a special edition of the Ensign sent out about the temple. We flipped through page after page and although I tried to talk to him about it, all we really did was point out every Angel Moroni and made trumpet noises.

Several months went by and we really didn't revisit the subject. But then in June an edition of the Friend came in the mail, or as we call it around here, "Kyle ma-zine." It had a picture of the temple and he immediately pointed out Angel Moroni and made a trumpet noise, that afternoon I was instructed to draw the temple and the angel on our driveway in sidewalk chalk. Since then, obsession!! We have a picture of the Salt Lake Temple that I hung a few weeks ago, and he always points to it. He gets upset if he can't come with us to the temple. He also told me two days ago (after weeks of wanting a monkey birthday) that he wants a temple birthday.

To satisfy, this little boy. We decided spur of the moment to take a picnic down to Temple Square and see the temple. It was hot, but awesome. He loved it, although he is in a phase of always asking to go home. Once we had the picnic everyone behaved much better.

We saw the reconstruction of the Salt Lake Temple and showed Kyle all the details inside. I love the middle building although I don't know what it is called, we picnicked on the lawn right by it. We took in the Christus statue and Evan ruined it by talking about how the mural's view of the universe is not physically possible and out of perspective. But we love him anyway. We also toured the Conference Center, something Evan and I have never done. It was also worth waiting thru the rest of the tour to see the roof. The roof is to die for, particularly the scene at the back where you and the temple are reflected in the black marble mural. Awesome.

Funny story, when we were on the roof of the Conference Center a man started to play the bagpipes on the street below. Kyle ran to the ledge and started saying, "Angel Moroni, horn!" over and over. It took some time to convince him it was the bagpipes and point the man out several stories below us.


Mallory said...

It is nice he is obbessed with the temple and not like a zu zu pet or something. I don't know what the building you like called either...maybe the assembly hall? My parents got engaged there so I should know but I don't. Glad it was a fun outing!

Mary and Jake said...

haha I love how Evan pointed out that the universe wasn't accurate. I hope you are all doing well! I love reading your blog and keeping up on what is going on with your family!

scuz said...

you guys are beautiful!