Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Family and Friends During the Holiday

Evan and I have so many people in our lives that we love. I take a lot of pictures lately and I just want to share them.

This is from when we had our friends over and saw the lights on Temple Square...from left to right....Halle, Chris (Evan's best friend who he grew up with in Oklahoma), Teresa, Joel, Dane (but you can barely see him), Ami (another Oklahoma friend, Evan, and Kyle (he's under my shirt, under two layers of fleece in a snuggli), and me.

The fam....

This is on trax on the way back to our house. It is Chris, Ami, and Joel. They were watching Dane and Halle who were hamming it up for a bunch of teenage girls. Those girls were eating out of their hand. Halle loves to be the center of attention too.

These are the kids walking around by the teenagers. It's hard to take pictures of children from a weird position on a moving train....try it!

Dane loves the feeling of falling. So Joel helped him get on the bar and then he would let go and catch Dane as he fell. It was the funniest, cutest thing ever. I've never seen Dane grin so big. He's also strong and could hang there probably longer than I could.

At the house, we got all the kids together for some pictures. This is kind of how it went to get a good picture. I just took picture after picture until we got a good one. I like how Halle is trying to interact with Kyle. Kyle obviously needs a little support on his sitting up too....usually we put him in the corner of the couch.

This is Teresa making my little guy smile.

We had Evan's family over for Sunday dinner a few days before Mom's fiftieth birthday. They have never been over to dinner at our apartment before and now that we have a couch it is pleasant for them to come. We had a really good time with fajitas and conversation. This is Mom and Zoie messing around with Kyle.

This is on Mom's fiftieth birthday. We came by and had some sandwiches, watched a movie, gave her her gift (it was a pretty box filled with letters from all of her children and grandchildren (we put Kyle's footprint on a piece of paper that said, "I love Mammy.") Avery doesn't get to see a lot of Kyle because she goes to school in Logan. But they are certainly good friends when she is here. Zoie is of course just goofing around for a picture.

This is Ekitzel and I at a rad dance party on New Year's Eve. Kyle was over at the grandparents safely sleeping upstairs in Avery's room. (Evan was there--he just took the picture).

Because Ekitzel lives about an hour from us, she just stayed the night on our beautiful couch (thanks Amy). So New Year's Day she was able to hang out with us and Kyle.

New Year's Day we went down to Provo and hung out with some old college friends that we hadn't seen in awhile. This is Kyle with Shelly--who could pop any moment.

This is Kyle with Klarissa, who had a son due on the first of September of 2008, where Kyle wasn't due until October 10th. However, Zac came on the 19th of September and Kyle came on the 12th of September. Due later, arrived earlier. But Zac is about 5 lbs and 4 inches longer than Kyle---he is solid like a tank.

This is one of our favorite people--her house has become our favorite hang out (probably because she makes awesome treats)--Bri. Bri's roommate is Frances. Frances loves Kyle, but sadly my picture of the two of them is trapped on the Mac. Frances wrote a love note to Kyle and you can see it here you can also see a picture of him with her (scroll to the bottom to see) and she chose Kyle's future wife on this blog post. But here and now you will just have to adore Kyle with the beautiful and talented Bri.

This is the same night at Bri's with Evan and Kyle having what was sure to be a esoteric conversation with the smartest, Zen-iest scientist I know, Elliott. He always amazes me over how amazed he is at Kyle being a fully functioning little person just like us big people--Kyle rocks his world...

So that is some of our family and friends that we hung out with over the holidays. We love them. Hope you enjoyed the pictures. I like blog postings with lots of pictures, so get used to it.

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