Friday, January 9, 2009


So Evan has been at work for twelve hours today and he will be working that much tomorrow. I know that I have an extremely good baby boy, but today has been a little harder than usually and I am missing my husband. So this post is in honor of him.

I love my husband because of how much he loves our son--although he loves certain things like playing with him more than feeding him....

I love my husband because he always looks out for me. He is willing to wake up and bring Kyle to me in the middle of the night, lets me eat off his plate, brings me any food or drinks I want, spoils me, and is always willing to let me take up more of the couch.

I love my husband because although I know how to take care of my car like change the oil and I know how to hang pictures or put up lights or fix things, I don't have to anymore.

I love my husband because he always asks for my opinion whether it be about how to bath Kyle or how to talk to his employees or how to cook an egg.

I love my husband because he is a good man, with a kind heart, a strong intellect, an unwaivering moral compass, an unending curious mind, and a love for his family and humankind.

Come home soon, honey, we both miss you.


Charity said...

That's really adorable. I am just so happy for the two (three) of you. :)

Sutter Family said...

We love you guys!! You do have a good husband, Holly.
In that top picture of Kyle, he is starting to look less like a newborn finally and more like a little baby boy. He is adorable!