Thursday, January 8, 2009

Rice Cereal and Other Milestones

I have a wonderful baby who is on a good schedule. Or at least he was for several months. Then around Christmas he started to wake up at 2:00am to be fed. I was not a happy camper about what I thought was a regression. I was talking to my mother and she suggested that we start him on rice cereal before bed. We did......This is the munchin all covered in rice cereal the first night we started it.

This is the video Evan took--don't worry we got baby spoons shortly thereafter. But if you listen closely you can hear him talking through the whole thing. He loves it. He also has gone back to sleeping through the night (well until at least 4 or 5).

Also, recently, he has started to grab the toys on his bouncy. He grabs the bird and then opens his mouth as if he is trying to get it there. However, it is attached to the bouncy. But, he was still just seeming to do that as his hands touched them. But just two days ago, I got the brilliant idea to put two of his attachment rings together. We have rattles, but they are a bit heavy and cumbersome for my little guy. If you hold the rings in front of him flat on your palm, you can see him look at them and try to coordinate his hand movements to get them. He often does although it is not a smooth process yet. Then he'll take them to his mouth. He has totally given up his pacifier and he is teething now. So he tries to stick both of his fists or all his fingers in his mouth to chew on. It is cute. My baby is getting big and making many wonderful developments. I am excited for our four month check-up on Monday....then I'll know how big he is and all my questions will be answered.

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