Friday, July 10, 2009

Fourth of July Festivities

The morning of the Fourth of July, our ward had the traditional pancake breakfast. Evan went out early and helped put up flags around the neighborhood and then we went over for the breakfast before Evan went to work. I was a little disappointed, it was literally pancakes and bacon--nothing else. Oh well, this was Kyle before we got in the stroller.

This was in the stroller ready to go.

At the breakfast, it is hard to get Kyle to look at the camera now. It sure didn't use to be a problem.

After Evan worked, we went out with some friends to the South Jordan Park and had a bbq, went to carnival, saw part of the rodeo, and watched the fireworks. It was good fun. These are our friends over seeing the grillin'

We tried to lay Kyle down to go to bed, but he wouldn't sleep. He wouldn't get off the blankets either. He did not like the grass. Some grass is okay, but not this.

This picture is fuzzy and such, but I still like it. It is Katie playing with Kyle.

Everyone did sparklers.

This was us during the fireworks, which is what Kyle was looking at. I was worried Kyle would be really unhappy because of how much he hates loud noises. But he was fine. He was enthralled. I just had to keep him in my lap because otherwise he was scared.

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