Friday, July 10, 2009

Living the Life

So a few weeks ago, as I was getting Kyle dressed for church. I came across this onesie and vest.

And it fit, I should have tried it a month ago, because it is almost too short in the length, but Kyle wore it to church. He was nine and a half months and finally fiting into Evan's blessing outfit (which is what the onesie and vest are from) from when Evan was a few months old. Crazy!

We also were able to go to the pool. This is Kyle in his inflatable circle. He loves the water and he went a water park in Lehi over Memorial Day weekend and loved it. So it was a good day and after 45 minutes we came home and he slept for two and a half hours. Love the tiring factor of sun and water.

This is his usual smile these days. Sometimes he spits bubbles instead. But this is just my cute boy on an average day.

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Charity said...

Aw, adorable... I love his little hat!