Friday, July 10, 2009


The last time I had my hair cut was a week before Kyle was born. It was time. But Evan hadn't had his cut since Christmas Day. Usually we buzz it down to the scalp and then wait for it to grow way out. Instead, this time, we had my friend Maranda cut his hair as well. Days later and Evan is still raving how it is the best hair cut he's ever had. Way to go Maranda.

This is mine.

This is just for fun because I love that you can see Kyle using his mouth and tongue as a way to help him pull himself up in his port-a-crib. That mouth is necessary for every standing up action. It is like a third hand. But I love that you can see his tongue through the mesh. Such a kick.


Charity said...

Hair looks great, all around. Berry nice.

Mallory said...

I love your hair cut! very cute!

The Almond Project said...

Love love love the hair!

Kurtis and Megan Ford said...

Looks good!!