Thursday, July 30, 2009

Super Fan

There is a competition at BYU to create a 30 second commercial to be shown during the football games promoting spirit, tradition, and honor. Our friend, Joel, decided that he had a good idea (which it is) and wanted to enter.

His main character: the super fan....

Joel is in the red hat directing, Ben is in the white hat and is the coach, and Evan is the super fan.

Evan had to run the bleachers, do chest bumps, jump up and growl, do the hand movements and such for first and third down, and then for the touchdown. He worked really hard and there were lots of takes and get this: it was 98 degrees outside. He was tired and hot. I was even miserable and I did nothing but watch.

This is Kyle watching....

They have entered the video for the competition; so whenever Joel sends me a link to youtube with it or the extended version I will post it here.

I have to admit, I was skeptical, but it is awesome! I really hope Joel wins. It was a great idea--and way better than the photo montages that they usually have.


We've had the pleasure of Evan's best friend Chris and his daughter Halle staying with us for several days over the course of the last week. When Chris went for a run, this is what Halle did.

Tonka trucks can obviously be multipurpose toys, but I do think that Teresa needs to buy Halle a shopping cart...... :)

This is the way...

This is the way Kyle stays entertained while I cook dinner. I should say, this is the only way to keep Kyle entertained so I can cook dinner. Otherwise, he is underfoot and eating every little crumb off the floor (I do feed him--a lot) and standing up on my leg, crying to be held.

I missed it by seconds, but he originally was balancing against the drawer with his belly, had the wooden pot holder ring in his mouth, and was using both hands to pull things out of the drawer and drop them behind him. I wish I had gotten a video of that....

This is the way we go swimming. I love that you can see how much of a belly he has....

This is the way we drink our pedialite. I know there has been debate amongst family as to whether or not Kyle can drink from this sippy. But this is proof that he can. He can't always keep it upright enough to get the last bits of juice, but he can drink from it. Usually, he only "chooses" to when it is juice or pedialite.


This is the new haircut when I make it curly. Sometimes I think that it is a little too big--I don't want to be a Utah steroetype, but when it is curly and short it does get a little fro-ish.....

Friday, July 10, 2009


The last time I had my hair cut was a week before Kyle was born. It was time. But Evan hadn't had his cut since Christmas Day. Usually we buzz it down to the scalp and then wait for it to grow way out. Instead, this time, we had my friend Maranda cut his hair as well. Days later and Evan is still raving how it is the best hair cut he's ever had. Way to go Maranda.

This is mine.

This is just for fun because I love that you can see Kyle using his mouth and tongue as a way to help him pull himself up in his port-a-crib. That mouth is necessary for every standing up action. It is like a third hand. But I love that you can see his tongue through the mesh. Such a kick.

Fourth of July Festivities

The morning of the Fourth of July, our ward had the traditional pancake breakfast. Evan went out early and helped put up flags around the neighborhood and then we went over for the breakfast before Evan went to work. I was a little disappointed, it was literally pancakes and bacon--nothing else. Oh well, this was Kyle before we got in the stroller.

This was in the stroller ready to go.

At the breakfast, it is hard to get Kyle to look at the camera now. It sure didn't use to be a problem.

After Evan worked, we went out with some friends to the South Jordan Park and had a bbq, went to carnival, saw part of the rodeo, and watched the fireworks. It was good fun. These are our friends over seeing the grillin'

We tried to lay Kyle down to go to bed, but he wouldn't sleep. He wouldn't get off the blankets either. He did not like the grass. Some grass is okay, but not this.

This picture is fuzzy and such, but I still like it. It is Katie playing with Kyle.

Everyone did sparklers.

This was us during the fireworks, which is what Kyle was looking at. I was worried Kyle would be really unhappy because of how much he hates loud noises. But he was fine. He was enthralled. I just had to keep him in my lap because otherwise he was scared.

Living the Life

So a few weeks ago, as I was getting Kyle dressed for church. I came across this onesie and vest.

And it fit, I should have tried it a month ago, because it is almost too short in the length, but Kyle wore it to church. He was nine and a half months and finally fiting into Evan's blessing outfit (which is what the onesie and vest are from) from when Evan was a few months old. Crazy!

We also were able to go to the pool. This is Kyle in his inflatable circle. He loves the water and he went a water park in Lehi over Memorial Day weekend and loved it. So it was a good day and after 45 minutes we came home and he slept for two and a half hours. Love the tiring factor of sun and water.

This is his usual smile these days. Sometimes he spits bubbles instead. But this is just my cute boy on an average day.