Thursday, April 1, 2010

10:24 pm

Tonight at 10:24pm, Kyle had stayed in his bed for a total of 4 whole minutes. Now 24 minutes later. He is still in bed and asleep.

It only took me 59 times of putting him back in bed. Although by the end, I was telling him, "get in bed," instead of the recommended calm and silence. He would often get out of bed while I was walking out the door. Before the 59 times there was the hour of rocking, trying to calm him to sleep, several attempts at just putting him back in bed, sitting next to his bed to make sure he stayed in and such.

I'd like to add though that the first two days of the bed, he only had to be put back twice or not at all. I am seriously hoping that this only takes a few nights because last night after 23 attempts to put him back in bed, Evan and I caved and just shut him out of our room. After 30 minutes, he was asleep in his own bed. Today at nap, I just shut him in his own room. After 90 minutes, he was asleep on the floor.

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Julie said...

Keep it up. We are still dealing with this, although A is doing a lot better. Two nights in a row, we have just been able to put her down and she has stayed. Mind you, she has been in the bed for 2 weeks. Best of luck!!