Sunday, April 18, 2010


Kyle has a very unusual hair growth pattern going on. His widow's peak was growing quite long in the front and in the back there was some curl and a lot of poof, but his crown never seemed to grow any hair. It meant that I could pull his hair in the back in to a very small pony tail.

It was bothering me to say the least, but I have no skills in hair cutting and his widow's peak seemed tricky. Also, I had promised my good friend and long time hair genius, Maranda, the opportunity to do his first hair cut before this little one was even born.

So Saturday night, we drove to Provo for Kyle's first hair cut. This is a picture of before (and I loved her apron, which Kyle did not).

Maranda asked us what we wanted and suggested a mohawk. We went for it. Do not be confused. It is not a fauxhawk. It is actually cut into a mohawk. He liked the clippers and the blow drier but did not know what to do with the water bottle.

He helps to comb his hair at home, so he did here as well. He sat very well and I was impressed at how talented Maranda was at cutting a moving target.

Final product. Although, for the most part, we just do the top. The car seat kind of kills the back or any time he sleeps. But it looks good just hawked on top (is that a word??).

Right after, we went to a Vikking dinner. Kyle loved the sword, thought I'd just throw that in.

My mother wanted me to cut the top and leave the baby curls in the back. I don't think she understands the concept of a mullet. But I was not going to do that or let the mullet continue. This is so much better and I think it makes him look even older. It was such a fun experience too and Kyle seemed to like it!

P.S. I'd like to give a shout-out to Teresa. We told her about the haircut on Saturday and she is the only reason this post is happening within 24 hours (I'm not good like that), but she wanted to see the pictures. So this is a post dedicated to Teresa. Do you have any pictures of Halle's first haircut?


Jared said...

One word - AWESOME!


YES! A mohawk! That's awesome...uber impressed with his patience in the chair too!

Teresa said...

A mullet...the thought makes me shudder. I am glad you didn't listen to your mom.

anyway...So Cute!! love the mohawk. and thanks for the shout out. I do have pictures of Halle's haircut. they are still on my camera. I would like to say I would have them posted within the next 24 hours, in your honor, but it probably won't happen. But I will post them eventually. Hopefully, soon.